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  1. Ah, youth! Twist the bare wire up nicely, hold a little solder to the iron and drop a small glop onto the wire, then hold the iron to the wire and when the glop starts to melt again, feed some more solder to the wire until it's thoroughly enveloped in solder. When you're young you can more readily get by with bare twisted wire, but as you age and individual (loose) strands become less evident, well, it's always better to contain them anyway...
  2. I always get a kick out of "air flow" being mentioned about loudspeakers. If the "flow" doesn't net zero, something's amiss.
  3. I never quite made 6'2, just shy and getting shier. How tall was he in his prime?
  4. Looks like Paul favors Estwing; good, they've been my striking tool of choice for many decades. Since I've been a Hoosier (by choice) for several of those decades now, I guess great minds think alike!
  5. You know, I've always forgotten to look when having the rare chance. I'd like to think the clutch and gas pedals are at least "correctly" positioned on UK cars. Or are they swapped from normal, too? It'd be bad enough to have to remember which side to drive on, but it would be at least doable if the pedals were the same as ours.
  6. True enough, but you're going to tin (and form for screws) anyway, so... Bare bare wires are for temp. emergency only.
  7. (And maybe they needed something new to write off.)
  8. I wonder whose boards they're using for the class D.
  9. If it's indeed the switch, likely you'll have to open the switch itself to clean it properly. Here's a thought (for test purposes only): without equalization it'll not sound good, and without proper gain it'll be very quiet, but you could try plugging the phono cables into a tape monitor input and see if the channel imbalance is still present. Just don't forget to turn the volume back down afterwards! I'm thinking with that vintage equipment I wouldn't rule out electronic components drifting apart (right-to-left) in the phono pre-amp section itself. By using a tape monitor input you can bypass both the phono stage and the input selector switch (the last, of course, depending how the tape monitor loop is implemented). Good luck.
  10. On that question I'd like to defer to anybody else on the forum as I'm hardly familiar with "LLC." For as much as I've given it any consideration at all (which is practically nil) I'd be surprised if it could be combined with incorporation - I'd guess it to be an either/or proposition.
  11. I realize that (at least in "American" law?) a corporation is a "person", but if I were to toss a coin on "was" vs. "were" in this usage I believe the coin would land "were up" most times, and I've only got a couple percent "Britishness" in my makeup. It just seems more of a "committee" than an "entity" for things like that. Not that this is really (if at all) pertinent to the premise of the thread. Just doing my part to make it to 100 pages...
  12. What matters is when it's mated up and in motion. DCR in and of itself is more of a "go, no go" proposition IMO.
  13. Good catch! (Sorry, ODS, but grammar policing ain't a great form of defense, since if you're not careful the table can well turn!) Has anybody exhibited "fence sitting" in this thread any better than moi (god, I hope that's right!)? Actually I think it more properly demonstrates pragmatism (in the good sense) on my part. There's good to be seen in "both sides" here, generally throughout. I hope it makes 100 pages before the end of the month...
  14. I'd go with crimped or soldered spades if I thought the power expected to flow through the connections was great enough. Bananas for home stuff.
  15. Damn! But the notion I expressed does have some merit.
  16. Could also fab up wooden plates with appropriate features to screw to the backside of the panel.
  17. Feature sets may prove to be a greater factor than subtile sonic characteristics, too.
  18. Their fillet material preference didn't go unnoticed, which is why I noted their silence regarding panel material - I'd bet they only had one choice. MDF is far more fibrous than merely "sawdust." (Though many fine knife blades are made from steels produced with dust/glue/pressure/heat nowadays.) Don't get me wrong; I'm not championing particle board (in any configuration) over many-thin-void-free plies, in general. But for specific uses different materials have better qualities, and inherent deadness happens to be more important than structural ruggedness in certain applications.
  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medium-density_fibreboard: I clearly recall the particle board that was generally available as a plywood "substitute" through 1970s and would never have considered it for cabinet construction myself. "Modern" MDF is quite different excepting superficiality. It would be better had the referenced design document actually mentioned consideration of anything but plywood panels.
  20. Depending on what exactly is being communicated between the units and google, of course, and whether google maintains their end of the connection in the future, I hope that the devices don't end up getting stranded and effectively being shut down while waiting for something that no longer exists. Like I'd said earlier, take away your internet connection from the in-house network and see what happens when you try to use the device. If it can't talk to google it don't do nothin'.
  21. Judging by the date on the document, MDF would likely not even have been available for consideration.
  22. My Forte IIIs do dual duty music and 2.0 television. Plenty of thumps on the soundtracks and I'm surprised that I don't miss any method to boost bass (that's to say I've got no tone or "loudness" options) even at whisper levels. Best money I've ever spent on audio gear, by way far.
  23. Can't fetch any documentation at present. All I saw mention of is bluetooth. No thanks right there...
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