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  1. Yep you nailed it. Im gonna have to start saving my pennies for more clean power. Thanks for the suggestion and the insightful article.
  2. Thank you. This is a good suggestion. I have tried fiddling with the tonal controls a bit but I couldnt get the sound I was looking for. Most likely because there are many tones to tamper with and I just couldnt figure out a great combination. I will try this again tho. Thanks
  3. It would be great if I could do this, unfortunately the entertainment stand, tv, towers, are along a 10t wall. The wall is only 10ft because there is a 3ft opening to access the stairway. Also I cant move my seating area up as its a large sectional in the back corner. However I have tried toeing the speakers in, not sure if it helped or not? Might be seated too far away from the speakers to notice a difference when toeing them in
  4. Mine sounds good at 50-60 also. Just not quite loud enough. Might be that its a fairly large room. Layout is likely causing issues also. Or the AVR does not have the best components for music listening. I would most likely get better stereo sound out of a dedicated stereo integrated amp which is designed only for 2ch music. Not as many components as an AVR, therefore more quality components could be put into the makeup of an integrated stereo amp creating less background noise. Just my thoughts, maybe Im wrong
  5. Im not sure I understand what you mean by “room treatment”?
  6. Yes the sub runs in stereo mode. I have run the Audyssey but not just in stereo mode, didn’t realize I could do that. I will try that. The room is 13ft wide x 18ft long. I sit about 16ft from the front speakers. Would an integrated amp with a built in DAC designated for 2ch stereo sound better than the AVR that Im using now? Or would that just be a waste of money?
  7. Thanks for the info. I use tidal and just getting into vinyl. I will try some of your suggestions
  8. You nailed it. The music is too bright at loud levels. I run 2ch stereo mode and sometimes multi channel stereo mode (7.1) which almost sounds better than 2ch.
  9. Yes I could try experimenting with the different crossover settings. Thanks for the suggestion
  10. Thanks billybob. Ill definitely check that out
  11. The sound is pretty darn good at lower volumes. Unfortunately once I go past 60 out of 100 it starts sounding distorted. The thing about heavy metal music is the louder the better (with a great setup of course). Im not ready to give up on my heavy metal just yet, so I guess Ill have to invest in some more power.
  12. Im curious... at what volume level do you listen to music? Also what genre of music do you listen to?
  13. I used to use apple music via AirPlay2, recently upgraded to tidal which I also use Airplay2. Also recently purchased a project debut carbon esprit which sounds great, but is lacking volume and sonic performance with the SR7012 phono preamp. I just ordered a Cambridge Solo phono preamp, so hopefully that will make a big difference.
  14. Not sure exactly how loud as I dont have a decibel meter, but it sounds good until 60 out of 98 on the volume control. 75 out of 98 would be a better listening volume for me, but it becomes far too distorted to listen to
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