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  1. Hello there, Attached are pictures of my Klipsch RP setup with Onkyo TXRZ830 and optoma 4k projector. I was going to buy Bowers, but then I found out the Klipsch product, described as the best home cinema product. When I saw that huge central speaker in the store, I knew that this is what I want. My wife did not liked the look of this set, she liked white speakers more because "white speakers will look beter in this room and gold looks cheap". I do not know how it works in US, but here in Europe (Poland) most of our wives never understand anything about it and they sometimes think that we are like kids with toys. Coming back to this setup. On the beginning I was using many settings, until finally I switched my ONKYO into a mode, when it is only passing the signal. My source is Apple TV 4K. And then it played... I was really blown away. I started with Hans Zimmer live, I was actually personally on this event and WOW, I have them in my home... The quality of the sound is so natural, so raw and bright... The feeling is like I have the real instrument just 1,5 half meters from me. Then I started Depeche Mode live in Berlin - wow, just wow. Then movies - blade runner, inception... The sound is fast, agile and alive. Bass is strong and not too strong, feels the room in a perfect way. The only thing I have doubts are my back speakers which You can see on last photo. I choosed them to have better immersion, but to be honest I think that regular speakers would be just fine. Those which I choosed are maybe better for the surround left and right, not for the back like I am using them. But what can I do I bought them so they are here makes no sense to return them 😉 To summarize, I can really recommend this setup with Onkyo as a killer-combo for the sound quality. Thank god I did not went for bowers. I was so close to buy them, that I allready purchased stands for bowers m-1 speakers - I am using them only as a stand for my surround back as You can see on the picture.
  2. Hello, I am ordering now my first klipsch system. I read a lot of very positive opinions on the big 115 unit. However what I discovered on the ebay, that there are several people who try to sell it, because of the "its too big for my room" issue. My room is around 30 square meters. What do You think? I am little bit concerned. Another question, I will order the new line of speakers (8000f,504c etc). Will 115 match in terms of look with this new series, or maybe I have to take one of the new 120 or 100 subwoofers? best regards, M.
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