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    In flux... KG 2.5's (titanium tweeters, rebuilt x-overs) standing by to be replaced by re-built Epic CF-2.
    Powered by a Sony receiver, it's just easier to deal with than the '61 H.H. Scott 222C, sadly.

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  1. Sidebar, Could either of you two post/pm some good Spice tutorials? Thanks!
  2. That's a little 'less bad'. Easiest approach might be building some sort of divider at a ratio-friendly distance. I've also heard of placing heavy absorption/diffusion behind that distance; leave the listening part of the room lively, and heavily killing anything that goes past the 'golden ratio' point. This is a big project, I applaud your efforts!
  3. Square room? That's going to be rough. Best luck I had there was with taking down the corner tiles in a suspended ceiling. I guess the space above the ceiling acted as a 'resonator' to bleed off the nodes below the ceiling. The difference was NOT subtle.
  4. KG series can sound very good, but they probably all need the electrolytic capacitors in the crossovers replaced at this point. That was maybe the biggest improvement when I did my KG2.5's. Other capacitors and titanium tweeter diaphragms are season-to-taste. CF/Epic series is quite nice as well. 'Vintage' original Klipsch are hard to beat as well. good Luck!
  5. Update: it's great. Not quite as special as the HH Scott 222, but very nice and up to date. Plus it won't burn the toddler.
  6. Who was the original supplier, Eminence?
  7. Epic CF-2. Word is they are not built to be repaired, and by the look inside, I believe it. So let the hack-butchery begin!
  8. Retaining ring could be cut out in a lathe. I mean, it's already broke... Any ideas on a useful replacement diaphragm?
  9. One of mine has a voice coil rub, so I'm looking into possibility of subbing in a different diaphragm assembly. Measures out to be a 2" vc, with a 3" surround. Question for the experts, is the retaining ring glued in or epoxy, plastic weld, et.c? @Chief bonehead, or any other experts.
  10. I have an unused pair of 24" stands in my garage, if you're within reasonable driving distance of Lake Minnetonka...
  11. Cool. Just ebay'd a NR1604. Planning to run the CF2's biamped. Thanks!
  12. What are your experiences with the low-profile Marantz receivers?
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