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  1. I have an unused pair of 24" stands in my garage, if you're within reasonable driving distance of Lake Minnetonka...
  2. Cool. Just ebay'd a NR1604. Planning to run the CF2's biamped. Thanks!
  3. What are your experiences with the low-profile Marantz receivers?
  4. At the risk of sounding too much like a clown, set your power levels according to this: When the cannons go off in the 1812 Overture, I want to: A. Grin like an idiot - Low wattage, maybe something single-ended, or under ~40w B. Jump out of my seat - Decent mid-wattage, ~100w tubes, 300w SS C. S#!t my pants. - Kilowatt Class+ "But my speakers are known power-hogs" Cool, triple above recommendations or go up one or two orders of magnitude. Hook up an arc-welder, whatever makes you grin. 🤪
  5. Might need to change out the compression drivers on the CF2's, any thoughts? I'm leaning towards the PSD:2013 Eminence, maybe the Peavey neo HERE. I kinda have a 'thing' for Titanium after doing the tweeters in the KG2.5's with Bob Crites' Ti diaphragms. Thanks!
  6. You shoulda seen how mad the one guitarist got when I took back the pair of RCA 12AX7's I let him borrow for a couple of gigs. :D
  7. Might not be a bad take in the JJs, but for us they were 'vanilla' on everything. All the other new tubes we tried were very much one-trick-ponies. The Gold-pins were better, and I always got mine from Eurotubes.
  8. Did a lot of tube-rolling for a recording project. Those IEC Mullards were beautiful, but in a pipe & smoking jacket sort of way. Not the sound we wanted for a vocal mic with high-brow pop music. The ECC83s absolutely NAILED the early Black Sabbath tone in a MESA TriAxis. I'm sure they were whatever amp Tommy was using. Ultimately, we ended up with JJ Gold-pins in nearly everything; they covered the most ground consistently. But that's not Hi-Fi. 🤡
  9. Shure DFR22: 24B 48KHz, Bit-rate isn't high enough to keep the 'brickwall filter phase-hash' out of the audio spectrum. I was hoping to set the minimum at 24b/96KHz when I started the thread, minimum bit rate of 4:1 above the audibility.
  10. Skim it with some wood filler or Bondo, sand a lot, lacquer it, sand some more...
  11. Isn't most of it getting the IF set to 19KHz?
  12. I might lean more on the side of core saturation than strictly winding capability, but I've spent quite a bit of time in the guitar amplifier arena where such things are seen as 'guidelines' to be abused for color and effect. At any rate, the manufacturer feels they'll work good enough to preserve their reputation up to 25 watts. After that, things start going sideways.
  13. @John Warren Any updates?
  14. I've spent too much time in the recording studio. All I hear on FM pop radio is the compression (and maybe phase rotation) MN public radio stations need to hire someone and get their tuners aligned, they're all hiss and fizz, (and an audible spike at 19KHz, thankfully the guns and blues bands have relieved me from having to hear it). Internet radio seems to be the cure, as much as I hate to admit it.
  15. That's very true, this is serving us very well, and sounds quite good. Sony's auto-calibration is ok, distances and levels need some tweeking afterwards, but things sound very good. Working through planning stages of a multi-amp setup, but that's a ways out.
  16. I was surprised how good the JJ EL84s sounded in my 222c after I lowered the screen voltage to ~310v. Telefunken and RCA are still almost magic, but these are REAL nice. Check www.eurotubes.com, I think Bob is a primary importer, and has worked with JJ to get KT77s and other tubes produced.
  17. Ages 3 years, and 3 months, both boys. Too big to tip, small enough to fit, simple to run with cheap Sony stuff. There's a 12" JBL sub behind the right side, a $100 Craigslist find. Good response from under 25Hz, but definitely not high quality sub bass, or amplification, but whatever. KV-2 center has the Crites crossover kit and titanium diaphragm, it blends fairly well with the CF2s. Edit: LOL, I didn't look close enough at the picture before posting, that's a KG2.5 for the center, now there's a KV-2. The KG is back in the NerdLab where it belongs (although lately it's been more of a MehLab).
  18. The CF2s are pretty similar, the more accurate they get, the less they suffer bad music.
  19. If you want to really test your subs, "Dare" by Gorillaz has a true ~20hz bass synth tone. Once you hear it, you'll know it's missing from everyone else's system. It has me dreaming of Infinite Baffles into the basement. Lateralis and Ænema totally have the "mixed by the guitarist and vocalist" vibe going on. Production value on those is about halfway between "Blizzard of Ozz" and a good album.
  20. "This is my Grandfather's axe. My father replaced the handle, I replaced the head, This is my Grandfather's axe." 😁
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