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  1. I know this guy and he has some great stuff. I've bought some Scott, Brooks and Ampex equipment off of him and its usually a real treat when he posts.
  2. Does this have an additional output? I have seen these before with more than one line out and assuming it does I may be interested.
  3. Thanks @jimjimbo, My biggest concern would be what to get done to them to hold their value and historical significance. Do I send them to a decent regional tech that's been doing most of my current tube work, or would you send them up to NOScraig or Terry (edit: I was not aware he retired, wish him the best)or the like?
  4. Hello All, I recently was given the opportunity by a good friend to acquire a pair of original Capehart 2a3 amplifiers for a sub 2k price. Both seem to be in pretty good shape and are all stock and are working fine. Searching online is leading me to fairly limited information about the model- most threads seem to say they are desirable and worth getting but not much beyond that. Assuming I picked them up, does anyone have any recommendations, ie more experience, on what to go about servicing if anything? Any personal experience or firsthand knowledge about the model would also be helpfull, I am sort of new to higher end tube material. Thanks, Jack
  5. I am trying to find him a pair of speakers and a receiver for around 400 dollars. I am bringing him a turntable that will do the job for the time being.
  6. Hello all, I was looking to purchase a entry level stereo setup for my brother-in-law who just relocated to Atlanta after recently getting a job at Georgia Tech. This week he reached out to me to see if I could help him piece something inexpensive together so he could listen to his old records when I came to visit him this weekend. After trying to look for leads on craigslist and other local classifieds and not coming up with much, I thought I would post on here to see if anyone had any old equipment in the area. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone. Jack
  7. Is that a 4.0 liter V6 in it? I have had two heavily abused Fords make it to close to 300k with those motors. If so, that's a great buy.
  8. Howdy Sir, What are you looking for with the HF-35s?
  9. This guy has had these up for nearly 8 months and refuses to separate them. Apparently he is in no rush to move.
  10. I want these but am in stl and am booked solid for the next week. I had a detour in Chicago yesterday but couldn't get away to get them. Believe me, they are a great price and I am checking back daily.
  11. Well, I went ahead and picked them up. Cosmetically they are a solid 99% and are near perfect except for a few light marks on the medium oak oil finish. I was able to get them home and swap them for my other speakers before the wife got home. Somehow she hasn't noticed yet and she started watching her shows. I had set everything else up like they were on the other speakers but I dont know how she hasn't figured it out yet.
  12. Hello All, I hate to make a post such as this one, but using the search function is not offering any conclusive results on the topic except random data points from different years. I ran across a guy who is moving and wanting to offload his set of KLF 30's in oak. They seem to be in fairly good shape, all drivers working, and he wants 600 for the pair. I am well aware of the rattle issue on these models and will test for that, but what would you consider a good (or better yet great) deal for these?
  13. I talked to this guy for at least 40 minutes. A few things to note, these were completely restored from 2 different year group cabinets with broken drivers in bad shape from the north STL area. One cabinet was an early three inch port and the other a six inch port. I believe he said that he converted them both to three inch and the results are good. Oh and he has a thing for birch, as evidenced by the color choice of refinish. These will take brackets and sideboards to get going. I was not entirely sure what he meant by sideboards. I really want these but have no way of getting to them for the next few days. I assume this is a fairly good deal?
  14. @Sancho Panza A crown vic is capable of some truly amazing things but surely this is a joke. If not, this is right up there with the moon landing.
  15. Oh my. If these were closer to St. Louis I would bite in a heartbeat. Personally, I am surprised they are still listed after two days.
  16. I wish one of these would pop up in St Louis. I would be all over it.
  17. @codewritinfoolReally not a bad price. I've been looking for reasonable K horns or Cornwalls in St Louis for some time. That said, in my rash of recent used gear purchases I have bought more things that need to be fixed that I care to admit (Most I was not aware of at the time. Apparently the word 'mint conditon' means 'slightly broken' to alot of people. Ugh...) so I have my hands full at the moment. Very tempting though. If done right these could be great.
  18. Thank you very much for the kind words. I had forgotten about this thread until now and looking back at it I can remember how excited I was to post the picture of them together, even though the overall setup, well... um, does not look great. @Islander thats a good point, I will grab some felt mats this weekend. These already have a few scuffs here and there but overall they look nice. I would like to keep them that way. Thank you. @JohnKuthe I have wanted to get a McIntosh to try for some time now. The issue is finding one to demo without droping north of 4 figures to not be satisfied. Its currently powered by an Adcom 555ii with various tube preamps but I feel like that one will probably need some work soon. I am currently making payments to @sheltie dave for a Scott 272 he owns that will replace most of my current gear after he takes it to get worked on by @NOS Valves later this year. I should note that Dave currently has a great list of things in the Garage Sale area for sale that probably should be bumped. I'm going to go ahead and throw in a picture of the way the room looks now in case anyone comes across this thread and otherwise would think I am a bum.
  19. I have not met him, but I might have heard about him. This amp is currently in the possession of @sheltie dave who had talked about a few others in the area and their experiences with the amp. Hopefully, he can get it up and running proper. It seemed to work good for its age but had a reoccurring pop that would happen every 10 seconds or so. It was likely a bad cap or resistor.
  20. There was a St. Louis lady selling Forte Ones for $2500 yesterday on FB marketplace. 'Price is firm, no lowballers'. At that point any reasonable price is a nonstarter and you just have to scratch your head.
  21. I think I might be interested in these. Can't wait to see the photos!
  22. Lord, give me the strength not to sell my possessions and then hide these from my wife, only to claim that I have always had them.
  23. Hello All, I recently acquired an Interelectronics Coronation Four Hundred (400) amp and Consolette preamp off of the local classifieds for a few hundred dollars and I was having trouble tracking down any information on the pair. A few google searches yielded one expired ebay listing and a few incomplete message board threads but nothing substantial. Is there anyone on here that has any information on the amp or could point me in the right direction. I was concerned with if was worth possibly cleaning up and putting to use or how much they might be worth in general. Thanks, Jack
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