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  1. From the listing: "PAIR OF KLIPSCH CORNWALL LOUDSPEAKER. The Item is KLIPSCH CORNWALL-I produced in late 70’s. The condition is excellent. I have to move to small space so i can not go with this big speaker system. I bought this Arkansa from an old person who worked as an Engineer in Klipsch plant when Klipsch manufactured this system in Arkansa plant. He refreshed this vintage speaker system. I accept only local pick up."
  2. This link doesn't work for me...any one have a copy of the Shorthorn plans? or a working link?
  3. You can see the where the magnet is not sitting flush with the lower housing...
  4. hanksjim1


    thanks...missed the other ad from Monday....
  5. hanksjim1


    Price? Location?
  6. Very nice! Some folks prefer the K-5-J horn over the K-400. Hopefully, they still have the original Stephens-Trusonic 103LX-2 woofers; rare and sought after. I have #1251 June '57. Keeping it stock.
  7. Sure...I also have Heresys and could just throw one in there...I am curious about what the Shorthorn model T would sound like in a system with vintage components all around. I am also building a set of University Classics and Jensen Tri-Plex 200s. For me the journey is as fun as the final "destination".
  8. Different approach...can someone point me to an online calculator for approximating the rear slot size needed (easy to use for the non engineers among us)? I doubt the complete list of specs is available for the 15" 16 OHM 103LX Stephens Tru-Sonic woofer, but hoping I can come up with enough cabinet internal volume and driver spec estimates to get within the ballpark on slot dimensions.
  9. He's had them for sale locally on CL off and on for months...now listed for $845. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ele/d/vintage-speaker-factory-corner-horns/6930681004.html
  10. You're right JRH...just a pic from an Ad for a '54 to show corrosion extent for a similar vintage driver...I decided not to buy that one...LOL I did end up with this one, also from a '54
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Heresy-II-Speakers/401830050216?hash=item5d8eeff9a8:g:-lMAAOSwKLVdPmTt
  12. no, maybe the salt ocean air at some point? This is also from a '54 I'll let others chime in...
  13. I know these are rare, but I thought I would throw it out here: I am thinking about building a Shorthorn model T (lowboy version) for a center channel to go with my early Khorns. The components will be the Stephens Tru-sonic 103LX, K-1000/SAHF, University 4401 and K-1000/5000. I can get the general dimensions, but am unclear about the construction of the rear of the cabinet (see pics below). I assume it has a slot rear port like the S version (second to last pic; The T is supposed to have better bass). Anyone have any pics or plan views? I did find plans some in a search, but links were bad.
  14. Brings back many fond memories of growing up in St. Michaels, MD...don't recall anything used on the eastern shore but Old Bay seasoning back in the 70's though...
  15. Welcome to the forum! A description of what you believe is missing, sound quality wise, in more detail would be helpful to diagnose the problem...(the 82 ft. ceiling height shouldn't be a problem...) Also a picture of the room/speaker placement might help. Lots of posts here on room treatments and cables.
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