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  1. based on the 220724 code on the speaker, it appears this woofer was produced in the 24th week of '67 here's a pic of the previous K-33J version from the 47th and 49th weeks of '66
  2. Front ported or back ported? Just interested, can you post pics of front and rear?
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-KLIPSCH-K-260-Radial-Horns-MCM-1900-MSM-JBL-2482/113904937356?hash=item1a8543698c:g:5Z8AAOSwpEtdjndk says local pick up only...
  4. Thanks for the kind offer. I am a few days driving distance. It would be great to get actual readouts for mine. I think they were produced near the end of use by Klipsch (in '66)
  5. Now I am really confused; found this on Google, appears that both sizes were used at some point (including a weird pic of throat wedges added to the 6 x 13 slotted mounting panel?) ... It also has TSP specs in one of the replies, but my research suggests it was performed on a non-original P15LL...
  6. I should add that these both have 3.1 DCR measurements
  7. Searched the site for definitive answer...still unsure. Looking for advise from the experts. Here are the speakers in question:
  8. hanksjim1

    The Rebel

    I just emailed him...he came back with " $500.00 loaded with JBL d130 " so apparently he still has it. I am out in WA State, so shipping isn't an option for me.
  9. hanksjim1

    The Rebel

    Can you post the contact details (if available outside of facebook)? I am not on Facebook...thanks!
  10. Looking to get more info on the bass bin construction where it sits on the floor...which years/models were produced with the wider bottom plywood section that mirrors the top hat angles? Decorators only?
  11. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ele/d/mercer-island-audiophile-klipsch-h700/6973203629.html
  12. No wonder the sound from the model T reportedly had substantially more bass than the vertical model S units. I found this pic from some prior postings by vintage Klipsch fan Funkyhambone on Shorthorn restoration (doesn't appear to active on the site anymore). Looks like a quasi bifurcated horn implementation. Still hoping to get more particulars on the rear slot construction details.
  13. sorry double post...moved back to original thread
  14. Might be a good deal for someone local... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Forte-ii/193085094493?hash=item2cf4c4ba5d:g:rD4AAOSweHddcIQM
  15. the woofer proximity to the ceiling and corners reinforces the bass as Paul K evangelized (corner placement) ....
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