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  1. What a beautiful setup! Those sound panels look interesting as well.
  2. Long live the original H (Heresy) SP 12 dual concentric
  3. My recommendation is to suggest a price...may attract more potential buyers
  4. Interesting tidbit; Scottish based Fyne has Tannoy's former design chief. I personally enjoy both heritage and point source speakers (Goodman's which was later bought by Tannoy).
  5. best of luck with your ongoing search; maybe try a Denon forum?
  6. a half dozen used original Denon RC1022 Remotes on eBay now, but all are shipping from overseas, just FYI New replacement units are available in the US. BTW, I have had good luck separately for overseas sales and replacement remotes from eBay...again just FYI.
  7. You might try these guys (old school, no website): DuraCrest Fabrics, Inc. 2474 Delta Lane Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Phone: 847 350 0030 Fax: 847 350 0033 Email: duracrest@comcast.net
  8. Do you have one? Please provide pics. As far as price, here's a pair for sale:
  9. Or you could identify which woofer you have and put a WTB in the garage sale section. If you go with a different version many folks would recommend you buy two.
  10. Dang, that looks nice! I bet it sounds even better.
  11. If you like vintage, the HK 730 is a time tested winner with Klipsch Heritage stuff.
  12. please explain the current setup; are they tightly in corners? What's your source? You can test tweeter functionality with an OHM Meter.
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