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  1. I believe PWK specified a 4 ohm version for the Khorn... These woofers were highly prized in the day. They were also used in the mighty Jensen Imperial p15ll or K33J TS Parameters-2.pdf
  2. The reason I asked is I have seen the original ones go for over $2K each...
  3. That's for 2 right? Original or reissue? I've seen the reissues new for $1,500, just saying. That being said I have no idea what the going price for used WE300b's is.
  4. Yeah, should be fun getting those through the US mail...LOL
  5. Nice upgrade for LaScalas https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/ele/d/tacoma-klipsch-woofers/7620092942.html
  6. Which drivers are you using? Best of luck with the sale!
  7. hanksjim1


    Price varies somewhat according to location in my experience (California is high, central, rural Montana; not so much)....where are they located? That being said I've seen similar speakers go for $3k to $5K. Be sure to post in the "garage sale" section here on the forum to reach a bunch of likely interested parties...
  8. They are also very well known for their modifications to the Decca cartridges: https://www.kenkessler.com/hi-fi/garrott-decca-cartridge/
  9. L and right drivers out of phase with each other? Double check and make sure all connections are correct / loosen and re-tighten all crossover screws. "Muddy" sounds like something is definitely wrong. Have you measured the ohms of each driver (both tweeters working)? Finally, pics of the wired crossovers might help.
  10. I think the early Cornwalls had a different speaker layout (first two pics are labelled 1958)....mid looks like a K-1000?
  11. Thanks for editing your post and confirming you are a troll...moderator?
  12. Care to share your issues specifically? What Klipsch products are you talking about?
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