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    DIY Klipsch Aristocrat Towers (corner horn)

    I thought you Aristocrat folks would enjoy seeing the original "kit" manual (also shows place inside for horn mid and tweeter placement, as well as recommended EV components). DIY Kit.pdf
  2. hanksjim1

    Wiring a Center Channel

    Other will chime on current thinking, but the attached shows how Paul Klipsch recommended a center channel hookup (both for preamp line out and receiver speaker out connections) back in the day. Dope from Hope center speaker box.pdf
  3. hanksjim1

    Schiit Modi 3 DAC, $75 shipped SOLD

    PM sent
  4. hanksjim1

    CRITES 15 cast frame woofers

    PM sent
  5. hanksjim1

    CL: Klipsch K400 vintage horns - $150 (Kenner) LA

    Just FYI, He has confirmed no shipping (to my inquiry two days ago)...
  6. hanksjim1

    Khorns: Marysville WA: $750.

    Yeah...he only got one in a storage auction...
  7. hanksjim1

    Khorns: Marysville WA: $750.

    I believe that is for a single speaker, also listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-KLIPSCHORN-STEREO-SPEAKER-Texted-53-Hx32-Wx28-D-Vintage-Loud-Klipschor/183595185959 I have been following it to see where it goes price wise. The seller also updated the pics after he cleaned off the copious evidence of Rat feces and urine in the first posts on eBay (it was originally listed as starting bid at $250)...no interest in the unit, but thought it might be helpful to know for those who are.
  8. hanksjim1

    Khorns: Marysville WA: $750.

    where listed? Thanks.
  9. Here's an original EV spec sheet; shows other differences between the 15W and 15WK (and "B" styles) 15W, 15BW, 15WK, 15BWK EDS.pdf