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  1. something about the tophat doesn't look right...
  2. what's the guitar in your avatar? just curious...
  3. Here's the Dope From Hope paper on the "box" Dope from Hope center speaker box.pdf
  4. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/ele/d/puyallup-klipsch-cornwall-with-new/7164670739.html
  5. Yup...for $750....depending on driver condition...
  6. Too bad he painted the K-5-J's....would be interesting to see if there are Stephens 103LX2's in there and if they survived....
  7. Come on....that's just "patina" 😏
  8. Yup, looks like a Japanese Gray Research clone...I've even seen some mounting templates on eBay...
  9. They'll probably end up in Japan...
  10. I bet they would easily handle 10 clean watts despite the 8 watt cited maximum...
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