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  1. IMO depends on the subs...you will need to cross the 811s above 800 hz...higher would be better for that horn; I think Altec crossed it more in the 1200 hz range...
  2. Money better spent on used Peavey FH-1 bins if non factory Klipsch IMO... I regularly see them loaded for $200. pr or less.
  3. https://yakima.craigslist.org/ele/d/yakima-pair-of-klipschhorn-corner/7335435912.html These look great!
  4. I believe the 15WK version was the 4 ohm model...sometimes the "K" was stamped into the metal label...is that present on yours? Here's the tech specs... 15W, 15BW, 15WK, 15BWK EDS.pdf
  5. And it also shows a .4 mH inductor added for the sqauwker?
  6. I heard a similar sound at the Saab factory in Trollhatten....
  7. hanksjim1


    Yup...he's got some 13 uF caps for me...poor english....probably offshore...probably takes Bitcoin too
  8. One thing to remember on the recone....as I understand it, these had 4 ohm voice coils specified by Klipsch (and special treated surrounds?) Most recone kits would likely be the more common 16 ohms which won't be the right value for the stock xovers. You may find it easier to replace both with new Crites stamped steel basket woofers (matched pair).
  9. I guess the Dynaudio Excite x32's won out....
  10. It would great to see a pic of the woofers...maybe they've been switched out?
  11. Did you have another pair of speakers hooked up with the same gear? No bass/mid issues with those?
  12. Thanks for the update! Do you still have the NOS in the box Oak Belle Klipsch pair?
  13. At least in the Seattle area, in the last year I have seen two pair, in very good shape, of the W70D models go for under $300. for the pair...just FYI
  14. The W70D model did https://stereonomono.blogspot.com/2016/02/wharfedale-w70d.html
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