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  1. Sorry, I posted these in "garage sale" by accident...they are not mine....maybe the moderator can move to "alerts"?
  2. OK Khorn curious folks...doesn't get any cheaper to try these out... https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/ele/d/tacoma-speaker-lab-corner-horn-speakers/7283000778.html
  3. Schiit Freya +...send it back if you don't like it for refund....
  4. To all: just curious why the preference of the LS over the Khorns for pairing with 300B? Is it because of the LS lower bass output creating less power demand on the amp vs. the higher efficiency of the Khorns? (full disclosure; I also have both heritage speakers and have been dreaming of a 300B in my future)
  5. you may find some great info in the "Active Bi-Amping/Tri-Amping FAQ" pinned near the top of this Technical/Modifications Forum
  6. Very nice example of one of the rarest Klipsch models...
  7. What manufacturer/model is on the label (it looks like there is one on the black chassis)?
  8. As I understand it, the early LaScalas also came with the Jensen P15LL woofer, ...anyone with knowledge of how these sound compared to other K-33s in the LS?
  9. I wonder if the Stephens Trusonic woofers are still in there...
  10. sorry guys, couldn't resist... (nothing wrong with trying to make a buck IMO, but if he was on the level, he may have found a willing buyer HERE on the forum):
  11. Looks like a deal... https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/ele/d/federal-way-klipsch-kg4/7255358606.html
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