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  1. I am waiting for my SUT (over a month)...I hope he checks his PMs every once in a while...
  2. Kano Aerokroil Penetrating Oil (+ maybe heat the barrel a bit?)...barrel sloping down
  3. On my '76 Khorn, the K-77 is attached with wood screws (Cast K-400 too)...it is in storage, otherwise I would get a pic to you. Anxious to hear what others chime in about the transition date
  4. Here is the pic from eBay....Screw in?
  5. I was following his tube amp build and have sent a few messages to him without reply...anyone have a contact address for him?
  6. That speaker doesn't look right...push connectors? The basket looks different....experts?
  7. I have tried the Parks Audio DIY ST35 version with my LaScalas...very nice indeed...FYI, the original ST 35 was often praised as a good match when paired with the Quad ESL 57 electrostatic speakers...a very revealing speaker in its own right.
  8. Don't swap those woofers just yet...those appear to be K-33J's special 4 ohm Jensen P15LL for Klispch...very nice woofers...
  9. Dang...someone local jump on these quick!!!
  10. Also, building a suitable crossover with new components (while searching for the vintage stuff) should be relatively inexpensive and easy. Another thought, given JRH has documented PWK's upgrade to University SAHF mid and t-4401 tweeter along with values for the crossover, why not build the three way for now? It should work with your existing horn, sound great with the new crossover and be faithful to known documented 3 way "provenance" as owned by Major Armstrong. Upgrading was common and encouraged at the time. I may have a SAHF and 4401 you can have for the cost of shipping. You can throw in a K-33 woofer (from Crites or otherwise) to get excellent bass (I have compared both and while there is a difference, it is not night and day) while searching (and saving) for a proper Stephens Trusonic woofer. You would have a super mono speaker to enjoy in short order. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Is the Stephens squawker horn significantly different than the K-5-x horn in the OP's pictures?
  12. Dang, those Khorns look small under the 402s....LOL I bet the sound is also huge!
  13. Here's a cool thread, even with some Major Armstrong references and pics!
  14. Here is a thread on a '51 (still three way xover, possibly modified two way?) I wonder if the speaker in question may have been delivered this way, without the tophat.
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