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  1. @Cher Probably best to post in "garage sale" area on the forum... Here's a few pics for those that are unfamiliar One interesting note...the drivers are all Bozak proprietary and very interesting construction techniques for the day...Rudy Bozak was a contemporary to Paul Klipsch...although maybe had different design philosophies...LOL
  2. Probably a better question for the Lansing Heritage site: https://www.audioheritage.org
  3. @Deang (or others) How about the 55G with the AA? If not, why not?
  4. What you got for $150 or less with XLR, gain control and mono bridgeable (no fan on the D-75s)? We don't need more power for our heritage stuff...
  5. Here's some background/history: https://www.kenrockwell.com/audio/crown/d-75.htm
  6. Yes, Scott may be interested in reading about the D-45, the D-75's little brother, and the tweaks made to transform it into "the Duke" ( @Marvel ) :
  7. I have several D-75s. I bought them for less than $150. each. I have used them with khorns and lascalas...I don't think there is anything better for the price for heritage; dead silent, XLR inputs and gain control...perfect for bi-amping. Yes my expensive tube stuff sounds better.
  8. If you think it is appropriate, maybe you can post a pic here when you get it, just for archive sake. I missed it in the CL link.
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