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  1. Also, building a suitable crossover with new components (while searching for the vintage stuff) should be relatively inexpensive and easy. Another thought, given JRH has documented PWK's upgrade to University SAHF mid and t-4401 tweeter along with values for the crossover, why not build the three way for now? It should work with your existing horn, sound great with the new crossover and be faithful to known documented 3 way "provenance" as owned by Major Armstrong. Upgrading was common and encouraged at the time. I may have a SAHF and 4401 you can have for the cost of shipping. You can throw in a K-33 woofer (from Crites or otherwise) to get excellent bass (I have compared both and while there is a difference, it is not night and day) while searching (and saving) for a proper Stephens Trusonic woofer. You would have a super mono speaker to enjoy in short order. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Is the Stephens squawker horn significantly different than the K-5-x horn in the OP's pictures?
  3. Dang, those Khorns look small under the 402s....LOL I bet the sound is also huge!
  4. Here's a cool thread, even with some Major Armstrong references and pics!
  5. Here is a thread on a '51 (still three way xover, possibly modified two way?) I wonder if the speaker in question may have been delivered this way, without the tophat.
  6. I think 1R was after this, but before type A...someone will chime in..some of the early ones were labeled by their crossover frequencies AFAIK like the one pictured
  7. Just for reference...This one is from '55 but it is a three way
  8. The spacer between the top hat doesn't look original (angle on squawker is off horizontal). See 54 Khorn pic. Also, if you haven't already checked, they may have added a tweeter (likely University 4401 or early K-77) to the inside of the squawker like later models in the attached K-5-J pic (don't see any wires). Curious if you squawker horn has tiny little wooden vertical "vanes" in the throat visible from the front? If they do, maybe you could post a pic.
  9. Did you check out the thread on the Topping PA5? Lots of like on the forum at a very modest price IMO. I haven't heard the Topping, but have gotten excellent results with my 86 LS from a used Emerald Physics 100.2 SE I picked up for couple hundred on CL.
  10. The eBay units I bought were from the Dallas area...cost me another $300. to have them packed and shipped by UPS to Seattle area (customer had pickup only in the ad, but he was willing to drop them off at a local UPS location)...
  11. Keep an eye on CL and don't count out eBay...I picked up a great pair of original owner Heresy II's with stands and audiophile speaker wire for $80. (ad read like it was just for the stands)...helpful to have RSS and saved searches set up...these don't last long at the good prices. Also search for misspelled brand like Kliscph, Klispch...more likely to find some that have been passed on, inherited, etc. Just my 2 cents...
  12. Daan...what are you running for drivers and crossover? Love the look.
  13. More pics of the Brociner would be appreciated...I have a '56 Khorn in Mahogany (Stephens Tru-sonic 103lx2, University SAHF mid on K5J and 4401 tweeter) Always enjoy pics of the early production units.
  14. I think the jumper they are referring to is in the new ACA Mini model not the ACA 1.6?
  15. Try Herman Miller...not sure it will fit your budget
  16. Some folks on the JBL Heritage site prefer using the 2450sl aquaplas coated diaphragms in the 2446 for hifi, over the stock ribbed titanium...quite a bit less $ than the TruExtent Be units; <$100 each. Lots of threads over there on this topic.
  17. The woofer surround looks like some Electrovoice woofers I've seen.
  18. The Carver should be fine (nice phono section too)...if you want to restore/mod it, these guys are good (see Bill D mod): https://nelionaudio.com/index.php?/services.html/ FYI, I have had excellent results with the Crown D-75A amps on Klipsch Heritage models and Heresys. Almost indestructible and very reasonable used pricing.
  19. Check out these guys: https://mapletreeaudio.com/#routers
  20. probably still a good idea to rule it out...your call
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