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  1. Here are my suggestions, in order of easy to digest: Tube Audio: Beginner's Guide to Tube Audio Design, Bruce Rozenblit Principles of Power (A Practical Guide to Tube Power Amplifier Design), Kevin O'Connor Valve Amplifiers, Morgan Jones The Tube Preamp Cookbook, Allen Wright Radiotron Designer's Handbook, F. Langford-Smith Basic Electronics: Beginners Guide to Electronics, Martin Pickering Also: Glass Audio reprinted numerous articles (Audio Classroom series) by Norman Crowhurst on tube audio design which may still be found online Back Issues of Vacuum Tube Valley (out of print) which can found as pdfs online, I think Back Issues of Sound Practices (out of print), don't know if these are available online
  2. In a 12x12 room, how did you handle the room node peaks and dips below 100Hz? I have the Heresy IIIs, in a ~12x12 setup within a 18x12 room (dual use), and raised off the floor about 15inches. Found that the front of the speakers need to be 9ft from the listening position for best sound. Any closer, and the driver/woofer alignment was off. Been wanting to upgrade my Heresy IIIs, and thinking about the Cornwall IVs (since I am a former owner of Cornwall IIs), and can't convince myself they would fit in such a space.
  3. I used EazyDraw, a vector drawing program for MacOS. Yeah, if I build another amp, I will be using the Coleman Regulators again and with Dave's modules.
  4. The original build was maybe 10 years ago. About 5 years ago I re-built the design with changes to the filament supplies; adding the Rod Coleman voltage regulators; and adding a time delay for the high voltage supply. And also re-doing the chassis with cleaned-up PTP wiring. The chassis plates are just aluminum plates which I hand-drilled. Then spray-painted in the foyer of my apartment. (Don't think I'll ever do that again.) I thought about using FPE, but the cost would have been too high. The printing on the plates is just custom dry transfers. Here is the schematic:
  5. The OPTs are actually Tribute amorphous core. The Lundahls are chokes and two filament transformers. The two power transformers (in blue covers) are custom wound by EP (Jack Eliano).
  6. Thought I would join in. Here is my 300B/2A3 SET amplifier. Powers a pair of Heresy III (but can also be used as a headphone amp). High voltage and filament voltage is adjustable for either 300B or 2A3 with switches. Bias is adjustable for the power tubes and 6V6 driver tubes. Separate power supplies for output stage and input/driver stage. And separate filament supplies for each of the power tubes. Hybrid rectification. Each chassis weighs a ton. Signal chassis: Power Supply:
  7. The Heresy III Capitol Edition are smashing in person. Got mine last week.
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