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  1. I just dropped the price on these Chorus II’s to $1,250.00. They are in great shape! If after a week, next stop CL. Please PM if interested. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll get them out on CL. Hawk
  3. Thank you for all the comments! All are appreciated. Here’s the deal with these: They are both in really great shape and sound excellent. They both have new Bob Crites titanium tweeters and have had the capacitors replaced. The cabinets have no damage at all and these babies just sound great. I’ve seen prices for these as high as 1,600 and as low as 750 for ones the look like they survived a tornado hit. If we need to post more pictures that’s easy to do. Send me a message if you have questions or suggestions. I know these are not a 750 pair.... Always good to get a comment from a ISU fan! Thanks to all! Hawkeye
  4. I am selling a pair of 1990 Klipsch Chorus II speakers. The speakers and the grills are in really nice shape and have an oiled oak finish. I’m asking $1,450.00. You will not find them on EB or CL. Pictures are attached and have more I can send. Please send me a PM if interested. Thank you! I’m dropping the asking price to $1,250.00 before listing them on CL. Please send me a PM if any forum members are interested.
  5. Unreal! Something needs to be done. Your suggestion is a good start. Good people getting screwed by scams hurts the forum. My new rule of thumb, if I can’t get there in 2 1/2 hours by car to kick the tires, I not interested.
  6. Rick: I sent you a PM this morning regarding the CBR you are selling. Please contact me this morning. Best, Brett
  7. Looking to purchase a pair of vintage 1975-1981 Klipsch Cornwall I speakers with cabinets that are very good condition. I live in Chicago but willing to make the drive for the right pair. Thank you!
  8. Do you still have the speakers for sale or have you already sold them? I would be interested... BD
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