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  1. It's set to small. Whats weird to me is that the tweeter, and woofers went out at the same time.
  2. I plugged another speaker in to test the center channel and it’s playing just fine. It’s bizare
  3. Hey Wuzzzer. Took the readings today. Both woofers read 6.1 when tested at 200 ohms. And the tweeter read 5.2 . From what I’ve read, that’s normal isn’t it? What would be the next step? Any help much appreciated.
  4. Appreciate the reply. I ordered a ohm meter. Will test it on Wednesday and reply with stats. I did hold a 9volt battery up to the speakers wire inputs and it did respond with some pops and speaker moved in and out, but not with a consistent pulse. It was random and still had that sound of raspy ness. Also, I did hook another speaker up to it and it all sounded final on that channel, so I don’t think it’s the receiver it self
  5. So I was watching a movie fairly loud but everything sounded find. The next day when I turned the system on again, the center channel sounded raspy and blown. I've taken it apart and can't see any signs of it being blown, but it sure sounds like it. Whats weird is that it's the woofers and the tweeter. In fact, one of the woofer has no sound coming out of it unless I push on it a little. then there's a faint raspy sound coming through. If I need to order replacement woofers and a new tweeter, that's fine, just wanted to make sure it wasn't something else that was wrong instead. Ring any bells? Any information is much appreciated. Love this speaker.
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