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  1. Hi! I got my old receiver that i got for almost nothing at all "Marantz SR4003" from "2006" and i think it play quite well whit my "Klipsch RF-7 lll" as front speakers and then the "280F" as back speakers and finally the "RC-64 lll" as center And think about update the system for 2-channels listening and do find "Cambridge Audio" to be a nice choose as i don´t have read anything bad about them.. The setup would be Preamp: "Chapter Audio Preface Plus"" DAC/Network Player: "Azure 851n" 2 x Amplifier: "Azure 851w" in mono What do you think, i know that the "RF-7" don´t need alot of W to run but what i understand to get control over it it has to get some power or is it overkill whit 2 amplifiers in mono? Is is it any other stupid that you might think be better in the same price range as the "Cambridge Audio" setup? \ Whiskey
  2. Wtf, this get me thinking about the song by "Astrid S" whit the very convenient title "Think before i talk".... That is actually true, i never thought about it that way i just thought you need this stupid "center base". In some stupid way i just was so concentrated of get the center of the speaker pointing right at your face but does the top of the horn doing that on your spakers? No it´s not! Well i think that actually answer my question and maybe the height is just about right, but whit the speaker whit a slight of angled would for sure look more cool, and again why in the earth would you have something stand on your lovely speakers i can´t figure this out... Thanks again everyone for all your time and for helping me sorting this out..... \ Whiskey
  3. Thanks for the suggestion but this is not any option for me.... As i told i don´t want it to go from the floor as i have my tv- bench and need it as i need to have the amplifiers and receivers in there maybe i need a new one but its need to be something there to have the stuff in Here come a picture of the bench, its from IKEA and can be found here The plan is to set the tv on the wall once i found out what side of the room i will have it on, and then have the center on top of the bench..... But then the next problem come, i don´t know if it need to have some angled slightly upwards to get the sound right in the TV couch. My only question is to every one that does that, and suggest that is... Who the **** buy something for 195€ and place something on it and that can make a lot of unwanted marks and scratches? But maybe that's a question of how much you care about your stuff, or your budget maybe what do i know but i have never understand why you would do something like that.... \ Whiskey
  4. Is there anyone in here that know any good product or how you get any speaker stand that can match up whit the size of the "RC-64 lll".... I have google around for a bit but can just find smaller stands for center:s that not is anyway near to fit this speaker, i would like something like this but its only "350 mm" and i need a lot more as the speaker itself is "900 mm"... Another problem is that the idea is that the base should be on a TV-bench so it can´t be something that goes from the floor and up to the right height... \ Whiskey
  5. Good to know and thanks alot for the help everyone! So to the final question, is there anyway to check if it is "b-stock" speakers or genuine speakers that Klipsch has approved? Another thing i just found out is that people say that b-stock only is "cosmetic", does that mean that the speaker it self is 100% identical whit a-stock just that it can have some faults that can hurt the eyes \ Slaktarn
  6. Hi everyone! I got this speakers from a big hifi company in Italy and think about if this is b-stock spakers or not, according to the information this should be 100% genuine Klipsch speakers but i am not sure, the main reason why i think this is that i have seen this speakers in the country i live in (Sweden) in two stores where the serial number is have been in order.... As an example i have the numbers "106455918130156" so the other speaker should have the exactly same number and end whit "5/7" but this is not the case as my other number is completely different and has the fallowing number "106455918130148" so it´s not matching number.... Anyway i am not sure how Klipsch make this numbers and what them are for, but if i would guess i think that 2 speakers always are "calibrated" to work as good as possible together but that is just what i think, and maybe it´s also different in different country:s what do i know? I did try to see if there where anyway to contact Klipsch and make this confirmed but seems like there no way to do this so i try to post here in the forum and see if i can get any help to fix this problem.... The images can be found here \ Whiskey
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