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  1. Hope the drawing makes ense, do I add the 31.75 x15.5" or the 48x15.5" panel to make it a 48x48?
  2. I am ready to build arectangular version, Do I add a 31.75" panel above the rear chamber or a 48" panel parallel to #3? If I put a 48" panel parallel to panel #3 there will be 2 corners, must the simulation be in 0.5pi or 1pi? Thank you in advance.
  3. Mrscy

    Super MWM

    Which 10" DIY-able mid-range horn would you recommend?
  4. Mrscy

    Super MWM

    Thank very much, please assist with hornresp input data, i have 2 Beyma 15G450 and a DAS15G , I want to simulate.
  5. Mrscy

    Super MWM

    Please post hornresp input data. The height is 15.375? There are missing measurements on the plan, please assist with areas numbered 1 to 4
  6. Can you please post link to detailed information: hornresp data
  7. 70 to 250Hz, so 50 to 300Hz is perfect. Can you please post link to plans and hornresp response?
  8. How much sensitivity would be lost by reducing the box to 2.6x2.6 foot and 3.2x3.2 foot? I want to see if a smaller box can work well as a kick bin.
  9. Hi all, The response of this horn is very good, I am interested in building 4 for PA use but I am concerned about the shape. Looks like it won't be easy to carry and store. Has anyone tried a rectangular version? I am after a response of 40Hz - 250/300Hz, I don't mind loosing the top end and a bit of sensitivity.
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