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  1. Okay sir. RC62II or RC64II and Emotiva 300 will be tried this weekend. Unfortunately, reselling used AV is not popular in India and hardly gives a return, I got them for ~500$, will maybe get a 100-150$ if I sell them.
  2. The suggestion to add more POWER (and more POWER it is) is well understood. Thank you @roaddog359 & @Westcoastdrums. Secondly RF7III supremacy over RF7II is also clear from so many forums discussions, thank you @Ceptorman
  3. Thank you @willland I've been looking for this info for a while now for Yamaha. The dealer here told me otherwise, he stated that there is probably a reduction of 5-10% power when all channels are driven! Anyways, I get the picture now. Will plan for it accordingly. I'm located in India. I'm a fighter pilot there. Trying to destroy whatever hearing I've been left with after those jet blasts with those RF7IIIs :), at least this is what my wife yells to me.
  4. Thank you @ricktate the seconds website is so awesome. Seeing the fan following of @Cory I would've gone straight for him, but unfortunately, I'm based in India. I don't think he will be able to supply me here. You advice for Emotive sounds cool, I've heard them at a friends place a few months back, they rocked. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you @derrickdj1 for clearing air on use of Recvr pre-amp outputs. I'm from India and the dealers here were telling me otherwise! Your advise on the centre is well heeded.
  6. Thank you @wuzzzer , my centre is Klipsch RC 42II actually. Would that also be too less as compared to the RF7III? Which centre do you recommend should I go for considering restrictive budget?
  7. Hi Guys, I have a Yamaha Aventage A1010 receiver which I use to drive two floorstander (JBL Northridge E90), a centre (Klipsch RC42) and a subwoofer (Velodyne Impact Mini 6.5"). I have multi-purpose use for music and movies. I was contemplating to purchase Klipsch RF 7 II or Klipsch RF 7 III, but I have a few questions in my mind. I would appreciate if you experts can help me out. 1. Would the Yamaha Aventage A1010 be able to fully exploit the Klipsch RF 7II / III? or should I replace the receiver? 2. In case I decide to pick an amplifier, then Does this chain work ..... Yamaha Aventage A1010 - Amplifier (2 channel- to drive the front left/right with amplifier and rest will be driven by the receiver) - Klipsch RF 7II? 3. It yes, then what amplifier should I get? 4. What is the difference between a AV receiver and a Pre-Amplifier ? My Yamaha Aventage is capable of giving out 7.2 channel pre-out, is that same as getting a pre-amplifier? Basically my listening room / home theatre is about 20 ft long and 17ft wide. I need the system to deliver ear bleeding volume and clarity for music and movies. P.S After buying the Klipsch RF7II/III, budget will be a concern (the finance secretary has approved the klipsch RF7II with great hesitation). Thanks in advance. Pach
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