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  1. 19 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

    In all honesty i would sell your current center and put the money toward a new amp, should you choose that route.  The RC-42 is nowhere near the same league as any RF-7 version and will only hinder your sound.


    Okay sir. RC62II or RC64II and Emotiva 300 will be tried this weekend. Unfortunately, reselling used AV is not popular in India and hardly gives a return, I got them for ~500$, will maybe get a 100-150$ if I sell them. 

  2. On 11/25/2018 at 5:33 PM, willland said:



    Welcome to the forum.


    As far as an amp for your RF-7II/IIIs, I say yes.  In the whole scheme of things, good outboard amplification is cheap, especially on the used market.  Maybe get the RF-7II/III and try it out and then decide if you need/want an outboard amp.



    Your Yamaha tests decent for 2 channel but 5 channel/7 channel really drops off.  One thing to note is that the limited power output numbers for 5/7 channels may be by design with Yamaha's protection circuitry kicking in during these tests.  


    Two channels driven continuously into 8-ohm loads: 
    0.1% distortion at 116.9 watts 
    1% distortion at 133.9 watts

    Five channels driven continuously into 8-ohm loads: 
    0.1% distortion at 53.5 watts 
    1% distortion at 65.3 watts

    Seven channels driven continuously into 8-ohm loads: 
    0.1% distortion at 52.5 watts 
    1% distortion at 63.0 watts



    Where are you located?




    Thank you @willland I've been looking for this info for a while now for Yamaha. The dealer here told me otherwise, he stated that there is probably a reduction of 5-10% power when all channels are driven! Anyways, I get the picture now. Will plan for it accordingly. 


    I'm located in India. I'm a fighter pilot there. Trying to destroy whatever hearing I've been left with after those jet blasts with those RF7IIIs :), at least this is what my wife yells to me. 







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  3. On 11/25/2018 at 3:11 PM, ricktate said:

    If you decide to get amp call Cory he carries Parasound if its in your budget. He also is a Klipsch dealer. But other than that I would look into the Emotiva 300 amp to add to your AVR. If your looking for new AVR check out   https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/category/brand/shop-by-brand/1.html I got an Integra AVR there for a great price. Also make sure you do call Cory for the RF-7s he has got deals on them right now I think  https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/profile/59101-metropolislakeoutfitters/

    Thank you @ricktate the seconds website is so awesome. Seeing the fan following of @Cory I would've gone straight for him, but unfortunately, I'm based in India. I don't think he will be able to supply me here. You advice for Emotive sounds cool, I've heard them at a friends place a few months back, they rocked. Thanks again. 

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  4. On 11/25/2018 at 11:45 AM, derrickdj1 said:

    You can use an amp with the avr and use the avr as the preamp. If you get the RF 7 II or III's just use a phantom channel until you can get a better center.  Sell  the current center to help fund future speaker purchases.  I use my avr as a preamp.

    Thank you @derrickdj1 for clearing air on use of Recvr pre-amp outputs. I'm from India and the dealers here were telling me otherwise! Your advise on the centre is well heeded. 

  5. On 11/25/2018 at 11:37 AM, wuzzzer said:

    Instead of getting a new receiver I would go with the matching center to the RF-7s you end up getting.  Your RC-42 will be extremely lacking compared to them.

    Thank you @wuzzzer , my centre is Klipsch RC 42II actually. Would that also be too less as compared to the RF7III? Which centre do you recommend should I go for considering restrictive budget?

  6. Hi Guys, 


    I have a Yamaha Aventage A1010 receiver which I use to drive two floorstander (JBL Northridge E90), a centre (Klipsch RC42) and a subwoofer (Velodyne Impact Mini 6.5"). I have multi-purpose use for music and movies. I was contemplating to purchase Klipsch RF 7 II or Klipsch RF 7 III, but I have a few questions in my mind. I would appreciate if you experts can help me out. 


    1. Would the Yamaha Aventage A1010 be able to fully exploit the Klipsch RF 7II / III? or should I replace the receiver? 

    2. In case I decide to pick an amplifier, then Does this chain work ..... Yamaha Aventage A1010 - Amplifier (2 channel-  to drive the front left/right with amplifier and rest will be driven by the receiver) - Klipsch RF 7II?

    3. It yes, then what amplifier should I get? 

    4. What is the difference between a AV receiver and a Pre-Amplifier ? My Yamaha Aventage is capable of giving out 7.2 channel pre-out, is that same as getting a pre-amplifier?


    Basically my listening room / home theatre is about 20 ft long and 17ft wide. I need the system to deliver ear bleeding volume and clarity for music and movies.


    P.S After buying the Klipsch RF7II/III, budget will be a concern (the finance secretary has approved the klipsch RF7II with great hesitation). 


    Thanks in advance. 



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