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  1. Godatalos.... your correct. The Cornwalls have been really nice. I was happy as heck with the mods but I heard some Legacy Audio Focus a while back and thought hmmmmm. That's really nice. So I pulled the trigger. I will miss these speakers as they sold and the guy is picking them up tomorrow. I got full value as the guy didn't even negotiate because he knew what they were. I'm thrilled for him and hope he enjoys the bejesus out of them. BTW I think Al is selling the fast lane horns now. I could be wrong. Just for the record and for my room, those mods were worth every penny. Dave
  2. I have a pair of beautiful Klipsch Cornwall II's that have been highly modified (known modifications to the Klipsch community). The squawkers were replaced with fast-lane audio horns and Klipsch K55 Drivers with Titanium Diaphragm's. Two cross over units from ALK engineering. #1 Gentle Slope Network - AP12-500 #2 squawker to tweeter - ES5800. The sound is bold and balanced and I would encourage anyone interested to come and listen to these. No funkie mods... all top shelf components that have really brought these Cornwall II's to life. The New Horns and crossovers are nearly the cost of these speakers. I'm running these through Quicksilver Mid Mono Blocks with Mullard EL34's and it's outstanding. $1500 OBO I'm on the central coast of California and if you have ANY questions, please feel free to reach out. Dave
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