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  1. Check these out. You get your monies worth and more. The builder has a good bit of experience too. 😉 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=dennis+had+inspire+amplifier&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=inspire+amplifier&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc&LH_Sold=1
  2. I've had H3's for about 6-7 years. When I had them in corners I did not feel I needed a subwoofer. I moved and could not place them in corners so I added a HSU sub. The H3's are fine speakers. 👍
  3. You will get more out of rolling 12AXX tubes than power tubes.
  4. Nelson Pass is experimenting with the Korg Nutube. It's not a tube but is supposed to sound like a DHT. Pretty cool.
  5. I would take the amp to a local tech to get your questions answered and make sure it is ready to be a daily user.
  6. This will do everything you want to do. Tubes & Klipsch 😍. https://www.noteworthyaudio.com/products/cayin-cs55a-integrated-tube-amplifier FWIW, I read that the newer Klipsch speakers don't play well with class D amps. If you get one be sure you can return it.
  7. I have an Inspire amp driving Heresy III's. What speakers are you driving?? There is only so much you can do for better bass rolling tubes. You may want to consider a subwoofer. I did not think I needed one until I bought one.
  8. The quality of the watts is more important than quantity. I've been a tube guy for 25+ years. When I bought an Inspire tube amp and preamp from Dennis Had I took the combo to a friends house. He has Volti Audio modified Klipch Belles. I have Heresy III's. We hooked up my gear with Pope 6V6's, Maybe 2-3 watts in triode. Jaws dropped. My Heresy's were certainly out classed though they are good speakers. 10-20 quality tube watts will rock your world and also sing you a lullaby with your K-Horns.
  9. There seems to be quite a few Line Magnetic amps for sale in Europe. They are well made and highly regarded.
  10. I bought one of these. One of the few pre amps with tone controls. Absolutely no regrets. http://www.erhard-audio.com/Aretha.html
  11. I'd give the dented F III's a listen and simply trust your ears. Better yet, try to get the dealer to let you try them at home. If they make you smile, re-veneer them to suit your taste. Amplification? 20 watts is more than enough for the F III's and your disco desires. Dennis Had, retired founder of Cary Audio, is building amps and selling them on the auction site. He has a 20 watt single ended pentode amp that you may want to look into. It can run almost any tube, 6V6's - KT-150's and you can mix tubes. Like a pair of KT77's and KT88's etc. I bought one of his amps about 4 years ago and will never sell it. Mine is a SEP triode strapped. About 5 watts with 6L6GA's. My favorite tube in my rig. I'm driving Heresy III's with an HSU sub and have plenty of power. Get a pint or three and Google Inspire amplifier. Search this forum too. The first pic was sent by Dennis as the build progressed. Sorry, I did not see your post about buying an amp before I posted.
  12. Howdy Jeff, I went on a conscious quest to scale down my rig. I simply got tired of the chase. When I got the Inspire gear I took it to a friends house and we hooked it up to his Volti Audio modified Klipsch Belles. My Inspire is triode strapped and I had Pope 6V6's in it with a 5Z3 rectifier. We were both amazed and it held it's own when we ran his 2A3 and 45 amps. IMHO, the biggest issue in audio is poor recordings/digital transfers. $10K for wire is not in my future. 😉 Peace, Les
  13. Will more than 'dolls them up'. Talk to him for specifics.
  14. Hi Jeff, Silver plated copper has never sounded right to my ears. I'm running 12 AWG on the woofers and 16AWG on the tweeters of Heresy III's. Amp is a Dennis Had Inspire. 5 watts with 6L6G's. The wire and IC's are cheap enough to experiment with. Once the Belden 8402 settled in I no longer thought about IC's. YMMV. Les
  15. I stumbled on this a few years ago and have been using this wire since then. No plans to change either. The WE wire discussed was actually made by a company in Rhode Island and is simply tinned copper in a cotton sleeve. It is unobtanium now but Deulund and the Swedish Supra 1.6 wire is similar. You can get the Belden 8402 IC's on the auction site for about $65. This stuff simply works great. The SS guys can only change wire to tweak the sound. We roll tubes and coupling capacitors. Try this and you too may be amazed and forget about high priced wire. I'm driving H3's with it and have them bi-wired. http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/adventures-in-real-sound-with-mr-shirokazu-yazaki-2/ You can scroll down to the wire.
  16. IMHO, the US made NOS 5U4G rectifiers are hard to beat. I have and like the Treasure KT66z's in my amp.
  17. I forgot to say that I do have Full Music 274A perforated plate rectifiers, a 4 pin version 274, and like them a lot. They are no longer produced so are they NOS new production? Also, the input or driver tube has a LOT of influence on the sound and experimenting there may have more sonic benefits than trying a different power tube. It's all about synergy.
  18. Here is a thread with 5000+ posts regarding the Inspire amps Dennis Had is building in NC and selling on the auction site. https://www.audioaficionado.org/showthread.php?t=24170 His 'shop' is 225 miles from you. (I Googled it.) I think a road trip there would be a 'sound investment'. There are posters tin the thread in NC and you might be able to get an audition closer to home from one of them. Used ones come up for sale once in a while too. You have some nice speakers that need to be introduced to tubes. It may be 😍. Enjoy the journey.
  19. The Psvane small signal tubes take a good while to settle in. Mullard long plate 12AU7 and 12AX7's are fine tubes but 'good' ones getting hard to find. Mullard 5AR4's are hard to beat. I've not tried any new production 5AR4's.
  20. I believe you can use either a 6SN7 or 6SL7. They are not normally interchangable but are in some of his amps. Check with Dennis. My Inspire amp has a different "infinite impedance regulator power supply circuit" that sounds like I don't need to swap out rectifier tubes. Correct.
  21. I used their 300B's and preferred them to the 1990's WE 300B in Welborne Laurels.
  22. I bought mine on ebay. However, it appears that the Shuguang/Treasure etc. number of tube being offered there is shrinking. Perhaps Shuguang/Psvane are taking better control their inventory and this should prevent tubes that did not make the grade from being sold. There have been issues reported here and on other forums.
  23. Yup, it depends on the circuit. I should have said that in my Inspire amp/rig the CV-181's were the best to my ears...until I got a Sophia blue 6SN7. However, the CBS may rule in yours. There are no absolutes in this hobby.
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