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  1. Where did you purchase them? Not all tube seller do adequate testing.
  2. I've had my Inspire SEP triode strapped for almost 5 years. If you like 6L6's try a pair of NOS 6L6GA's with a 5Y3 rectifier. The combo is about 5 watts in triode. I did get a Sophia blue glass 6SN7 and this tube, in my rig, is superior to any of the NOS I have and I have a lot of them. I'm not sure about the merits of the blue glass though. Luxman has a new amp that is voiced with JJ Tubes. http://www.luxman.com/product/detail.php?id=28 I would guess that they are specially selected.
  3. I agree. The only NOS power tubes I use are 6L6's, mostly 6L6GA's. The Chinese CV-181 better almost all NOS 6SN7's. There was a problem with tubes that should have been culled leaving the factory and ending up on the auction site.
  4. Electrically they are interchangable. You could also use a 274B.
  5. I resemble that remark. 😀 It's a good book and free is a great price.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ssn=h_salience&_sop=12&_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=psvane&_pgn=2&_skc=50&rt=nc Wow, some of the prices have gone stupid. Was the seller you bought from "Shuguangs" ? I had a not so good experience with them. I have noticed that the number of Treasure and Psvane tubes for sale on the auction site has decreased. Hopefully, they will up QC and restrict having sub par tubes smuggled out of the factory. Yup, this has been documented. From the description of your tubes it appears that is what you received. I have been using the CV181/6SN7's for a number of years and they are better, IMHO, than any NOS 6SN7's I have. BTW, Shuguang is the world's biggest tube manufacturer. Please keep us apprised of the outcome of your transaction.
  7. Ron had some great amps. His daughter got him in financial hot water and I understand it ruined him.
  8. Agreed. The H3's take a long time to settle in so be patient.
  9. Russian K40 PIO caps, the silver ones, the blue green cap is Russian too. Looks like a parallel single ended design. The big question is the quality of the transformers. Quality parts are not cheap. There are some very good Chinese amps...and a lot of duds.
  10. Upscale has these: https://www.upscaleaudio.com/collections/rectifier-tubes/products/mullard-gz33-cv5745 I ran them in Welborne Laurels and will beef up the bottom end. They would be fine in your Moondogs. Here is a link to the assembly manual.https://www.scribd.com/document/309790909/Welborne-Labs-Moondog-2a3-amplifier-build-instructions I believe you can also use GZ34 and 5U4G rectifiers.
  11. Maybe, but it depends on the transformers etc. Primaluna is manufactured in China but the specs are from a Dutch company. Quality parts and design.
  12. There is a Dennis Had 2A3 Inspire for sale asking $1375. No, I'm not the seller. I'd pass on the amp you posted. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9bb2i-inspire-by-dennis-had-2a3-fire-bottle-tube?refsource=hifishark
  13. Upscale is a great place for tubes. You get what you pay for. I would run the amp for a couple of hundred hours and then roll tubes. The 6h8c is a 6SN7 equivalent and the 5z3p a 5U4G.
  14. I have bought from them too and have been pleased. Great seller.
  15. Here is an excellent and free source. https://www.scribd.com/document/36723618/Taste-of-Tubes
  16. With the speakers you have and the music you like consider a 30 watt integrated amp. If you are new to tubes I would pass on a vintage amp. Look at Jolida or Prima Luna. You are close to Upscale Audio near LA. I'd go visit them for a demo. It would be time well spent.
  17. That is a nice amp. I stream Tidal via WiFi with an Arcam rPlay with a tube amp and MHDT Orchid Dac. The Arcam is connected to the Dac via SPDIF. It is controlled via the PlayFi app. The Arcam can also be connected with an Ethernet cable. The Arcam has an internal Dac that is not bad so you can add a better Dac later. Streaming via Bluetooth is a sonic compromise.
  18. The photo you posted is of the early Shuguang Treasure 6ca7-z. They are not the same as the gray glass II's. The seller is BS-ing you and sent you a subpar set of tubes. Did you get them on the auction site? What do the readings on the little cards that came with the tubes? If the seller balks file a complaint with epay.
  19. Try a pair of NOS 6L6G/GA tubes with a 5Y3 rectifier in your amp. These are the original 6L6's and you must use a 5Y3. I have had my Inspire for about 4 years driving Heresy III's and the 6L6G/GA sound wonderful. I tried 6F6's but prefer the 6L6G/GA. YMMV.
  20. I have not used that tube but it is not the same as the 6ca7-T MKII.
  21. Regarding the GLKT77 from Upscale Audio: A quick note on this tube: These tubes seem to take a bit longer to break in than some other power tubes, so if they sound a little lightweight in the bass, you have to give them time. Some guys are reporting at least 100 hours before the fully come into their own.
  22. They are not the same tubes. I would send them back and get the tubes you wanted. I like the Psvane/Treasure tubes but many of the dealers are suspect. If I buy them on the auction site again I will contact the seller and ask for the test readings on the tubes I am to receive.
  23. Check out the Inspire amplifiers that Dennis Had, founder of Cary Audio, is selling on the big auction site. It's his retirement hobby. They are single ended pentode and some are triode strapped. Point to point wiring and use one pair of tubes. 6V6-KT150's can be used with different rectifiers and they are self biasing. Very affordable and a great match with Klipsch.
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