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  1. So i bought rc62 for 150e. Not sure if it is good deal or not. I háve one more question. I have denon x1400h. Is it enough to run this ht or should i look for something better? Thx for help
  2. u just found one RC62 first deries. Is it ok to use it? is there any diff between RC62 and RC62 ii?
  3. Is there any new model than i can uses instead of RC 62/52? I spend two days looking for them and it is not possible to find them in EU (new or used)
  4. i tought it is Klipsch RC-62 II? Do you have any sugestion where to buy one of those in Europe?
  5. hi, I am using RF62ii as front speakers and RB51ii as suround speakers. Now i am looking for center and subwoofer to finalize my home theater setup. Can you please advise what i should buy to match my front speakers. thx Filip
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