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  1. Thanks again for the reply’s, it’s becoming clear that I’m going to need a preamp, I would like to try and get a Yaqin tube preamp to compliment the mc13, off on another hunt now 👍🏽
  2. THAnks for your reply’s, I have had a look at the inputs and they are just rca aux inputs so I presume a pre amp is needed like you say, however would that render the preamp circuit in the mc13 useless or would the sound be going through 2 preamps? Would that be overkill, or is there no harm to the sound going through 2 preamps?
  3. Hi guys, in need of some expert advice here please. So here goes, I am about to purchase a Yaqin Mc-13s to use with my Project RPM1 carbon, my question(s) is: do I need to use a pre amp with this setup?, now I’ve heard in some videos that you need to use one with your turntable however I am under the impression that this amp is an “intergrated amplifier” and therefore has a pre amp built in, it has a separate circuit for the preamp stage so why would I need a pre amp? The RPM1 has a phono output and the Yaqin has phono inputs, so it should work right? Or Wrong? I was hoping I could use this Yaqin amp with my Project RPM1 and Klipsch RP-150M speakers. It would be a shame if it didn’t work without a pre amp as I have done much research into tube rolling for the Yaqin and I have found some matched pair Mullard NOS 12AU7 and 12AX7 pre amp tubes that I would like to use eventually, this setup would be coming in at just my budget and as far as I am aware this would be an amazing setup for very little money (£1000-£1500). Im very new to the tube amp market and was hoping I could get a leg up from you guys, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Budding Audiophile Legsman222
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