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  1. OK, so I'm boning up on wires, and there are some recommendations to tin them, and I'm looking at lead-free, which requires lead-free iron & lead-free chisel tip. Then while searching I see references to speaker wire compression pins. Is one better than the other? Should a lead still be tinned going into a pin? Should it be neither and cut the exposed wire as short as possible?
  2. Thanks for this, looking there & eBay & NewEgg & a few local places. Definitely looks like a model with a cal-mic is always a good thing. OK. Oh yeah, looked up the acros, definitely with all I'm otherwise spending I wouldn't connect them with aluminum! Klipsch doc says 16 AWG or fatter on the wire itself. How important is shielding btw?
  3. Got boxes sitting next to me under my desk at my highly-alarm-secured company <hee-hee>, now all I need is my van back from a tire changeout...
  4. I am studying, reading and researching, and am now a little confused, so need a little help choosing a safe power profile for a receiver. I just put in an order for an R-34C, two pairs of R-51Ms for front and rear, and one pair of R-41Ms for sides. Now I just noticed the R-41Ms have 50W continuous power handling while the R-34C has 100W. So now I read the Klipsch beginner piece on receivers saying power per channel of receiver should be between 0.8 and 2 x power handling of speaker. So am I truly locked into a range of 80 - 100 watts for my receiver research? I read in other sites that the peak power handling is the power which puts the drums at fullest extension. So when the R-41M spec says peak handling is 200W, how do I interpret this range of 50 - 200? I hear that going low on wattage can damage a speaker as well, so is it safer to put a R-41M on a 110W post than to put a R-34C on an 80W post?
  5. Well, maybe my own squeaking tingled someone's ears, as in the 2 hours btw my first post and now, I received an email with tracking numbers. Thanks to the crew.
  6. I just got my order in in time for the Black & Copper Sale Monday night. Still seeing the Shipping Soon status. I called the Klipsch number, it just repeats what the Shopatron site says. Is there a big backlog of orders going on due to the sale?
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