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  1. What could be its value in this conditions?
  2. How much can it be worth? How can the damage be fixed?
  3. I found klipsch rc7, the only problem is to restore the part behind that ruined ... does anyone have advice on how to restore the cabinet? There are any changes to be made that improve the sound?
  4. then recapitulating: RF7-II with RC-7 or RC64-II RF7 with RC-7 or RC64-II all right ?
  5. Actually I can get RF7 II at the same price as RF I, but if you tell me that they need to be modified to play with RF7 II, it means that RF7 II sounds better than RF7 I ??? Otherwise why should I modify RF7 I? .... p.s. In Italy there are several old Klipsch, the most difficult to find are the KLF 20 and 30.
  6. "If you get the RF-7 get back to us and we can point you to some threads which show you how to add the 10 Ohm resistor." this is very interesting... thanks
  7. Ohh thank you very much advice, it seems that RF 7 and RC7 are the clear winners in comparison with the RFII and RC64 successors .... Does anyone want to add other experiences?
  8. Thanks for the prompt answers. K5SS, have you heard both RP450 and RC64 (mkI or mkII?) Which is better as a central channel? Someone has listened to RC64 and RC7, which sounds better for the voices? What are the advantages of RF7 II, newer, than RF7?
  9. Hello, recently I have the opportunity to buy both the first series RF-7 and RF-7 II and I'm very undecided, my use is almost exclusively in HT combined with a Denon AVR-X7200WA. The same is true for the central channel, can I buy both RC-7 and RP450-CA, which sounds better in HT? Thank you Davide p.s. sorry for my english
  10. Ciao, abito in Lombardia, il prezzo è trattabile ? Potresti spedire ? fammi sapere grazie
  11. Thanks for the answers, seems that RS52II is a bit 'better but I can not understand why RS52 can' be positioned from 1.50 meters while the RS52II must start from 1.80 meters up to 2.20 meters. I can only mount it at 1.50 meters, I would not want there to be problems with RS52II.
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