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  1. Looks nice and works , I would put it as VGC, some very minor blems on the cabinet and I mean minor, also has a few bulbs out. But does work. As the ad says its in Chicago 60631, can demo. Rather not ship but its dooable and i can take PP. Sold as is, built between 78/79
  2. Yes but I have no interest in the 6200 though and again I did not like the sound of my 4100, either of my Luxmans I likes %100 better. Thanks though
  3. Hi, I know its apples and oranges tube vs transistor but I would like to hear from anyone who has owned both amps?? Currently I have the KX-200 w/ the FM 200 that has just been fully serviced and sounds like a dream 😉 But I have always wanted to own a decent Mac. IN the past I have owned the Mac 4100 and the 2505 and was really not overly impressed with either. It seems that the 6100 is about the only 1 in my price range... Besides those my other receivers are the Luxman 115 and 117 and again both sound fantastic, but getting back to the 6100 does it actually sound like a tube unit or? So would really like to hear from owners that have had or currently have both the KX-200 and the MA6100
  4. Shameless bump, still on the hunt. Also really prefer the OEM wood cabinet(s)
  5. Looking for the above cabinet and please be reasonably priced 😉 I'm in Chicago 60631
  6. Hi, Just picked up a Fisher KX200 and was wondering how it would sound with the Heresy or KG 3.2 Speakers. Amp has not arrived yet. Currently I have my Heresy's hooked up the the Luxman R117 and the KG's to the Luxman R115 both sound great but again I have been waiting to get back into tubes for some time. I believe the KX200 is rated 35/40 WPC hopefully that will be enough to run either." TIA BTW is there a way to date the Heresy's by SN? I picked up my used in the 80's some time and they were far from new but always sounded great and used daily . Mine came with out the grill have had the emblem on the wood front, I suspect that there one #1's
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