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  1. 1 titanium horn tweeter emits no sound...Removed and tried with separate amp to confirm 1 If so, better to replace unit or diaphragm only? 2 still make same tweeter? 3 other possibilities other than diaphragm when no sound at all?
  2. The Polk Cherry models look good for the price, I do admire the wood veneer. They are just a "Garden Variety" ported speaker in most respects. If you like the Klipsch sound, they will sound muffled like a lot of other brands. I have seen them sell new for $299/pr, so I wouldnt invest more than half the $400 average price for them used. Like most speakers they rarely ever sell for the MSRP....
  3. Thanks a lot for spending your time with a detailed response....very helpful. I'm driving 11 year old Klipsch RB5s which will deafen you before they distort. I realize subs are amplified and hence different. Previous sub was a Klipsch KSW with 105 watts and did not bottom until almost the last bit of gain on most material. Still uneasy with notion of RW-12d distorting from about -9 to +11 (latest experimenting). I would like to think that is usable "headroom" for bass if needed. I just wanted to make sure, the unit was not defective during return period. I agree with your analysis of the sub. It is fine for HT and an average performer for music.It should meet my needs considering the $319 price paid. I have listened to HSU and SVS units circa $599 plus shipping and frankly not much better at moderate listening levels.
  4. Elite....I have crossover on receiver set at 80 and the crossover on sub turned off...(if you advance the setting on sub past 150 it turns off).......so, the receiver should be controlling.
  5. Thank you cornfedksboy........I think we are getting somewhere. The Sub itself is set at -5 and the receiver level for the sub at 0, which is Yamaha's default. The receiver can be set higher or lower. By "combined Gain", I trust you mean the sum of both (ie -7 on the sub and -7 on the receiver= -14)? The sub's gain range is from -38 to +11 and I guess I dont have a feel for what is to be expected. Having said that, on music, the sub "bottoms" and distorts at -5 combined. It did not seem normal to me to have this happen at this level when you appear to be far below the +11 maximum sub volume. I would have a similar concern with a receiver that began to clip and distort at a -30 setting. Do you know what setting is half volume is on these subs? Just trying to find out if I have a bad unit while I can still return it.
  6. Yup, all that done. I have also played offending material with 2 channel only, then shut off mains and unit still has "power vibrations-distortion" like it has bottomed. I also tried same thing while bending over and lifting sub to make sure no extraneous vibrations from floor contact and same result. Unit sits on concrete slab with heavy marble flooring here in Florida, so no resonance in the home structure. Have to believe unit should perform at half volume (my guess about level where problem starts) without distortion. Guess I should return for another unit. On this sub, if you advance the volume to max it shuts of the LFE completely, and hence the receiver should be the boss and it is indeed set at 80hz.....have also tried at 60hz and same distortion.
  7. Using 100 Watt Yamaha which worked fine with prior unit. LFE output to sub with "Y" adaptor. The unit bottoms out with a " power vibration" at -5 volume setting.. I have receiver crossover at 80 and the sub LFE to off. I also tried the sub at near 150 and same results. It sounds like the type of "bottoming" you hear from the trunk of a lowrider and not a mechanical rattle like something loose. I'm 62 and do not need heavy bass or vulume, but this simply not adequate.....anyone know what I might be doing wrong here.
  8. I suppose if you were an entrepeneur like Mr. Klipsch you would rely only on advice given by people on an audio forum........and then choose the buyer for your business based on some altruistic motive and sell to the one who was in fact the low bidder because they were nice people.....or perhaps Mr. Klipsch should just dontate all his money to Govt health care...
  9. Audiovox is committed to quality.....they believe in spring clip posts and foam surrounds....so all is well
  10. Harmony one......lately using macros, it fails and refers you to help screen and then makes proper correction...dont know why it doesnt correct the problem....
  11. Yeah, when we are shopping for canned goods......we buy the swollen cans, because you get more....
  12. Canada......clearly family.....should never be hard feelings when they do better....thats the way it is with family....
  13. I think the Government should get involved.....perhaps ramp up a Dept of Circus Security.....within a few years, they will have thousands of employees and the circus will cost $2,500. Then we can create other jobs for lobbyists trying to get tax credits for those who cannot afford...get OSHA involved and PITA in case the monkey is abused....this is how things start....
  14. Assuming it is all true, and I doubt that, you left out one key fact......Network executives, and not the performers like Jay make the decisions concerning who gets the job. You infer that all these decisions occur in a vacuum and are controlled by the intentions of a given performer....pretty hard to believe, considering the networks rely on ratings and other analytical tools to make decisions and not emotion.
  15. If you are unfamiliar....buy the greatest hits...One of last artists with the hard edge minstral style with some truly tuneful emotional stuff....you"ll swear it all rhymes, but it doesnt...he is having a hard time carrying a tune these days, so I would'nt recommend the new offerings...
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