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  1. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of r-28f towers at a fair price but also know that the r-820f from their newer reference line are on sale. Just looking for opinions on which people would refer to be a better tower? Are the 820's just a cheaper build in general on all components to where they can be on sale all the time, would i be better off buying an older set of r-28f's?
  2. I have recently purchased some towers from klipsch. I used to have mine similar to your set up as well. I moved them further apart , pulled them out from the wall, and angled them in a bit. That helped tremendously with a fuller sound and better imaging as well. You should definitely take the above advice and do the same.
  3. last night i diabled all of my speakers except for Front L/R channel, disabled the audyssey settings, and ran them full range. They definitely got a dramatic boost in performance for stereo set up. night and day difference. I also moved my entertainment center to the right more and pulled the tower out from the wall more and slightly in front of the entertainment center. Much better bass response and imaging. Thanks for the tips zelgall. I then proceeded to turn all channels back on and definitely need to go back in and adjust the settings a little for all channels. Even after turning all channels on, there was a lot more bass response from the towers without audyssey EQ adjusting everything. Ill try running audyssey again with the speakers pulled up more now and see what I think
  4. I put the receiver back to factory settings, disabled all channels except for towers and ran in stereo mode. They definitely have some more bass, and sound soo much better in stereo without the audyssey "corrections" Now the difficult part of fine tuning the entire set up together.
  5. Just being direct kind of a noob, so when you say by themselves. Do you mean put it in stereo mode or disable all of the other speakers in the settings?
  6. I have not set up the subwoofer yet, because I am currently in an appartment for another couple months and dont want to piss off the neighbors. I know the horn towers are very efficient and can run with less the 150 watt continuous power rating. I have them set to large speakers wtih full range in settings, have ran the audyssey. Seating position is about ten feet away
  7. The r-34c is crystal clear with dialogue, and maintains that clarity even at higher listening levels. I find myself never satisfied since I started building my home theater set up. I Know eventually I will upgrade it to a little larger center channel, but for my current room set up I have absolutely no complaints at the price point. It was an impulse buy while I was checking out at best Buy, I noticed an open box ten feet away for $279, haggled the salesman down to $224 on it. (word to the wise....open box is always open to negotiations at Best Buy )
  8. I have not setup the subwoofer yet because I wanted to experience the towers on their own first. I have ran audyssey and they were then set to full range. They are connected to the receiver with 16 gauge wire. I have all 7 channels in use with the atmos. When listening to music in stereo which to my understanding should be sending more power to those two channels it still seems to be lacking in the bass. Could I just be expecting too much from them? I just assumed with 2 8" woofers it would have some decent bass.
  9. I recently could not resist the discounts on the new reference line on sale Black Friday. Ended up purchasing the full lineup (2) R-820F, (1) R-34C, (1 Pair) R-41SA, (1 Pair) R-51M, (1) R-120SW. I have them powered with a denon avr-x2200w. I find myself a little underwhelmed with the towers low end response. Could I just be underpowering them with my avr, or do they just not pack the punch i was hoping for? I wouldnt be opposed to an external amplifier setup and purchasing a new avr to get the most out of them. Any thoughts?
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