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  1. I'm not 100% sure what you mean by whacked, but I believe they could have been run in parallel, that soundcraftsmen amp delivers 205w per channel at 8 ohms way more power then the heresys require so i viewed the series wiring as a way to limit the power (please correct me if I'm wrong here, I only have a very simple working knowledge of this) thanks again to all who have left suggestions! Waiting for the day gathering in a room with a bunch of people and play music will be possible again. J
  2. Party went off pretty well! Decided to borrow a powered EV sub and save the sub project for the next party, which will be in 4 months. Learned a lot about what the speakers can handle... and sadly learned my old amps are not cut out for party levels. I was using a soundcraftsmen pm840 to run the heresys (wired in series 2 per channel) and even after home testing as soon as I got the system wired one channel began to trip when any signal was introduced (maybe from the cold or the transport?), so I had to run out to borrow an amp from a very nice studio owner friend. the quartets (used as "mains") were getting pushed a little too hard for the woofer as the party went on. In a room that size I'm thinking the lowend information in the heresys and the quartets below 60 hz is really just a needless strain. I had a thought i could use a digital crossover to deliver less sub information to the speakers in the future. anyway...lots of fun, lots of dancing, and the room sounded pretty amazing...full, clear, and detailed. thanks again for the advice, I'll be needing more soon I'm sure. here is a poor quality vid where you can see everything ratcheted up and ready to go!
  3. I throw a recurring dance party that’s been at a not-so-great bar with a very piecemeal system for about a year. It’s vinyl-only and focuses on extended-length Dj sets. It’s been a ton of fun and fairly successful but the sound has always been an issue (as well as pay from said bar). So it’s time to move! The new space is a beautiful spot with a courtyard that is licensed to do loud music late but they too only have a couple of powered speakers for music. So I am now tempted to put together a moderate sound system, like a baby David Mancuso set up. I have a pair of heresys and a pair of quartets at home and I’m planning to use them in the corners of the dance floor with an additional set when I see the right pair come up. The reason I’m using smaller speakers is precisely their smallness, in size and in price. 6 of these boxes just seems more doable than 4 lascalas and khorns as they come up used frequently and they are less precious, but still retain an extremely unique voicing compared to other pa equipment. Its dance floor will be fairly small so I think they’ll be enough to immerse people in sound without risking blowing them... Except that this is a dance party and we will need strong bass, maybe not down to 20hz but at least to the 50s and lower is better. Tall Subs would also make it easier to place the speakers at an appropriate height, and depending on what type of amp/crossover setup makes sense would make the setup easier to link around the room. I sort of envision a sub somewhere around 48-60” tall maybe like this one : https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1329971-lilmikes-cinema-f-20-a.html#/topics/1329971?page=1 But with a plate amp/crossover section that would make this easy to setup and keep away from people accidentally putting a hand through one of the woofers in the heresys. I work in a fabrication shop so in addition to commercially available subs and Craigslist, I can build, which brings me here. From what I can tell lurking on forums for the last couple months, there is no perfect sub, especially for someone like me who has a tight budget, a small amount of space or a consistent room to adjust to. So I thought it would be best to just explain my constraints and ideals and hopefully end up with a better idea of how to move forward. Any advice is appreciated. This is quite long so thanks for reading!
  4. Thanks all, my plan after taking all this in is to find a k-76-k and one more Titanium diaphragm, I see a pair on ebay for around 120 but maybe I'll get lucky and find a single, can't hurt to have a spare or at least be able to compare the original diaphragm to the titanium one. I was wondering about this since the repair kit doesn't have many parts. I could order something that would work about as well and not worry about mashing them around on the panel. I see 4 caps on the schematic 2x 2uf, 1x 1uf, and 1x 80uf. I'll look at the brands you mentioned, thanks again.
  5. thanks for all the info! what a great introduction to the forum. polyfill gone on the one fully working speaker next up sourcing a tweeter/s and taking care of the crossover. I talked to Bob Crites today and he recommended new crossovers, it's a bit steep for me at $270 considering I wasn't looking for an upgrade, just a repair i didnt even think would be needed...getting the kit appears to be just getting caps, which he mentioned were difficult to put on the quartet board because the replacements are a bit larger. Anyone have any experience with that soldering job? I'd decent but by no means an assassin with a soldering iron. @Alexander I was wondering about widening my search to other models of tweeter that would fit, but is the K75 going to work well with the crossover for a K76? a bit unclear on that. signing off with a sad pic of the crumpled Ti Diaphragm
  6. Just got my first pair of Klipsch quartets of craigslist and unfortunately feeling like I paid full price (575) for something worth much less. these have crites titanium diaphragms, and while checking them out at a low volume they sounded good and looked well maintained. when I brought them home and hooked them up in my space I noticed one sounded a bit brighter than the other, so i opened them up and found a k76k in one and a k84k in the other...I also noticed the diaphragm on the k84 was quite crushed. next thing i noticed was they are full of white cloud-like foam in addition to greenish 1 1/2" thick foam... and the final and most troubling thing I've discovered is when I give them some power (around 90 db on my meter from 3 or 4 feet) one of the quartets tweeters will distort. I swapped the amp channels and the tweeters. It's definitely coming from the one quartet regardless of which tweeter is in it. the other quartet handles the power just fine, so I'm thinking it s crossover issue. so my questions are: does anyone know if this white foam belongs here? Has anyone experienced this sort of crossover malfunction, seems like bass frequencies go right to the tweeter at higher power? does anyone have a spare K7K6
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