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    I’m a big soccer fan favorite team is Real Madrid
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    and Country Music Old school 70,80 and 90s I do enjoy 😉 great male vocals
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    Main system living room 2.1 and 7.2 with home theater bypass KLF 30 RC64II pair of RS62II pair of RP240 pair of RB81II pair of SVS SB16 Ultra Pair of klipsch SW-115 and SVS PC13 ultra
    SONY AVR ZA5000ES MICHI P5 2channel PREAMP anthem STR Power amp harman Kardon citation 7.1 amp Cambridge audio Azur 851N chromecast audio and LG86 inches TV
    BEDROOM: 5.1 : 2 pair of RS62II RC62II and klipsch SW-112 subwoofer Sony AVR STR ZA3100ES and harman Kardon citation 7.1 amp
    MANCAVE in GARAGE: a pair of SVS SB4000 Harman Kardon Signature 1.5 Amp Parasound P6 preamp speakers are going to be CF4 or KLF 30 : (I’m addicted to KLF midrange and vocals lol)
    and chromecast audio

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  1. I know for sure CF4 and CF3 uses the same horn but not sure about cf1 and cf2
  2. This horn looks smaller than the one on CF4
  3. Can I hear any improvement moving from CF4 V2 with crossover upgrades to CF4 V1 ?
  4. Just homemade but it works great for my needs to raise midrange (tweeters) to ear level
  5. Yes I do have SVS SB16 but it was off
  6. Expensive hobby 😂😂😂 and I totally agree with you for making parts available for old speakers I love the vintage looks on my original KLF and CF4 especially on 12 inches drivers when I compare them to RF7 copper LINES
  7. Join this group on Facebook is KLF legendary group but a lot of CF4/3 owners post there and listen to what they have to say most of them have KLF CF4 and different klipsch speakers https://www.facebook.com/groups/160621919090930/?ref=share
  8. Exactly 😂😂😂
  9. Until you play both speakers side by side with the same amp you really don’t know what you’re missing don’t get me wrong KLF 30 is amazing speakers i use to own 3 pairs 1 pair of chorus ii and pair of forte Right when I listen to CF4 for first time I listed my 2 pairs of KLF 30s chorus ii and forte ii for sale my KLF30 is mahogany with original box it has new Bob crites titanium diaphragm, new crossover new midrange drivers A-55G Ciare and upgrade jumpers from factory metal crap well I don’t really believe in cables but I’m using Audioquest type 4 on all my speakers because they looks gorgeous 😂🤣😂 CF4 has wider soundstage amazing deep bass great clarity but KLF midrange horn is intoxicating when I compare them KLF always lost even my CF3 V3 sounds to me much better than KLF 30 with all the upgrades I have even installed CF4 drivers on KLF 30 but still not close I really want you to find a pair of CF4 and listen to them it doesn’t matter V1,V2 or V3 I will easily take KLF 30 over chorus ii though
  10. https://usspeaker.com/ciare-hw321-1.htm
  11. Yes it’s Ciare drivers I bought them originally for my KLF 30s but it sounds amazing and fit perfect with CF4 clean deep tight bass but the original neodymium drivers on CF4 is amazing too at least I have Ciare as a backup
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Epic-CF-3-Version-1-/265162807864?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  13. There’s currently CF4 and CF3 Listed on for sale
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