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  1. What would shipping be to Phoenix AZ 85018?
  2. Sorry just realized not Phoenix Arizona
  3. Aloha, Where are you located in AZ? I’m in 85018
  4. Crap I got all excited but it’s not Phoenix AZ
  5. Could you PM a list of the tubes you have and I can cross reference with the forum here? mahalo
  6. What tubes will give my system, PL EVO300 integrated, Mytek BB, ClearaudioConcept HANA MH with MusicalSurroundings NOVA3... more “holographic” “separation”soundstage?... PL is running stock tubes now. Thank you for my newbie questions
  7. Fasthen65, Yes, the evo300 sounded better than the sq150 for sure especially in the low end. The bonus being the evo300 can have various tubes swapped out to get the sound we want. Can’t do that with the sq150. For myself and family, the evo300 sounds great that’s the most important thing as I want my 5 and 7 lye old to appreciate all types of music. The 590 gave the best overall sound (low to highs) without doing anything! Basically plug and play. I hope this helps out.
  8. I actually tested both of these very same amps with my CW4s. They both sounded great. The SQ did great with jazz, bossa nova and mostly everything else. I did find the bass lacking for my taste. The 590 sounded great with pretty much everything and the bass was definitely there I ended up with a primaluna evo300 integrated for the CW4s. I just wanted “tube” sound and ability to swap out tubes. Im definitely buying a 590 when I redo my home and back yard. Love that the 590 will be able to run 2 sets of speakers
  9. This route is actually playing full Tidal MQA?...
  10. I was the same way, last time i heard cornwalls i was in my teens and it was an original set of CWs. If they blew my mind back then, the 4th generation must be amazing
  11. Aloha, Question for everyone here, would placing my CW4s on isolation pucks or adding screw-in Isolation feet make any difference to SQ?... Mahalo
  12. Aloha, I’m truly enjoying my CW4s but feel like I’m missing the lowest end with certain music and movies as this is my all in one system speakers. Questions are... will the SPL150 blend well, would I need one or two or should I wait on a hot loaded sub (fingers crossed Klipsch comes out with one soon)? Mahalo for everyone’s input in advance!
  13. Could you try and explain in simple terms (for me at least) the differences you notice between the brimars and cifte? Im about to buy 4 150s for my EVO300 integrated and wondering what preamp tubes would “best” match with them. im looking for more separation and soundstage presence with my CW4s. Mahalo
  14. I actually ran my CW4s with that amp and it’s sounded really good. Just didn’t have the lower end that my new EVO300 has. I’m sure I’ll be changing out the power tubes for KT88s or 150s
  15. Again I’m in PHX and missed a massive deal from this buyer because of the wifey 😕
  16. Hello, Can you bypass an iPad internal DAC via lightening cable to an external DAC... or is it a combination of cabling and software? Been thinking of using our iPad to play Tidal and Amazon Unlimited hardwired into our DAC. Thanks in advance for answers!
  17. In theory this would work with the 2 way Jubilees then?... I’m looking to put together a set and trying to decide tube or ss amp. Or as mentioned here in the thread, both for each section. what would be the ideal space requirements if there is such a thing for jubilees assuming the room was built for them and acoustically treated?
  18. Can 3way jubilees be run entirely by a tube amp?... If so, how would the LF section compare to the MF/HF sections “sound” wise?
  19. I've been to sHelter a handful of times and its exactly the type of small intimate place I would want to redo in my own style. Mahalo for the videos to watch! I'm not overly worried about the business side if I move forward, more the sound system. I'm about having a place for people to come and listen and mingle. I strongly believe that there is room for theses type of "bars". I know I'm the type of person that likes a place thats not filled with TV screens and loud conversations drowned out by overly loud music. I wouldn't mind being forward with rules and enforcing them (drunks) and not allowing these types of individuals in. It's definitely a niche market style of bar but I'm betting if done right with the right vibe it could be place to make some decent money. I don't need to be a millionaire or even make 6 figures again. I'll be happy with 30-40K That's why my wife kept her career and brings home the bacon. Besides speaker choice, I'm currently looking into Accuphase, Luxman and Yamaha for amplification duties. I know some may not agree with these brands. My friends back in Osaka are willing to purchase these brands for me if need be.
  20. similar to what i envision minus the live performances... at least in the beginning i want to be able to showcase klipsch "sound" on both tubes and ss for everyone to listen to depending on the day and what is happening. i dont want the loud get drunk crowd, just a place to enjoy and appreciate music that people know and perhaps never knew they even liked. of course alcohol is involved... just with in reason
  21. sorry been busy taking care of my little one... stay at home dad and all. my idea is basically a "listening bar". being half japanese and spending time in these in my 20's makes me want to open up one now that im thinking what do i want to do once my girl starts kindergarten. i want to try it out even if it fails. as least i tried right? every bar/lounge/pub is all tv's with sports or news playing. most sound systems are a complete after thought here. i want to create a space to just have a coffee or drink, light pupus and music to listen to. no phones, no business deals and sure as heck no instagramming and loud talking ive read so much about jubilees being better than khorns so was thinking along those lines. assuming i had the abililty to have any size/dimension space, what would be ideal for a set of jubilees?
  22. interested in pink floyd and brubrek please
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