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  1. LeftEyeShooter

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    Or you could turn it around: amazing how in other countries they charge far too much for what it is... How often do we pay premium for nothing more than a label or brand name tag glued on it, worth a couple of cents..., the 'premium' amp produced in the same Chinese factory as the cheap one, with the same components...
  2. LeftEyeShooter

    Elekit DIY kit - experience/evaluation?

    Thank you all for the input. Not having the dexterity, nor the ambition, I'll continue to enjoy my little Chinese amp with two small tubes, and hopefully, later on, buy a decent quality tube amp!
  3. I'm very interested in your experiences with the Elekit (TU8200) tube amps kits. I have recently bought a pair of Klipsch RP 160M speakers mostly using a Denon microsystem with it. Last week, I bought a small, China made amp with two 6J1 tubes for under $100 and it sounds amazing with the Klipsch speakers (and on all the speakers I have in the house). In fact, it sounds better than the Denon. So now I'm really interested in a 'good' tube amp. I read Ken Rockwell's review of the Elekit https://kenrockwell.com/audio/elekit/tu-8200.htm. I'm just afraid I'm not up to the task of putting it together myself because I have NO soldering experience what so ever. I live in Europe - Belgium. The official importer of Elekit amps is in Poland. They charge €200 for full assembly. In your opinion, is that still a good deal? What is your experience with DIY tube amp kits? http://getaudio.eu/en/elekit-tu-8200-6l6gc-single-tube-amplifier-diy-kit/ https://tubedepot.com/products/elekit-tu-8200-stereo-tube-amplifier-kit
  4. Vinyl records should sound as good (or better) as CDs and streaming music on your system. I've done comparisons many times! Setting up a turntable correctly is well explained here: https://www.whathifi.com/advice/how-to-set-turntable
  5. LeftEyeShooter

    U2's One: bad mastering or Klipsch's weak spot?

    I'm a newbie... How does one interpret this database? The larger the dynamic range, the better? Red is bad, green is good?
  6. LeftEyeShooter

    Hybrid tube amp under 100 dollar

    After buying a set of RP 160M bookshelf speakers recently, I became very curious about the tube sound many audiophiles are so raving about. In order to have taste of it, I bought a cheap hybrid valve amplifier: PJ Miaolai M8: https://www.amazon.com/Nobsound-Bluetooth-Amplifier-Digital-Audio/dp/B07BHNPPMS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1547050804&sr=8-3&keywords=nobsound+Bluetooth+vacuum+tube+power For this price, it sounds amazing! Built in bluetooth (easily connects to my Amazon Fire HD tablet). It has much more power than my Denon M41 microsystem. I was planning on passing it on to my teenage sons, but now I want to keep it myself! Hope this keeps working properly!
  7. LeftEyeShooter

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    I bought a cheap hybrid valve amplifier: PJ Miaolai : https://www.amazon.com/Nobsound-Bluetooth-Amplifier-Digital-Audio/dp/B07BHNPPMS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1547050804&sr=8-3&keywords=nobsound+Bluetooth+vacuum+tube+power I plan to run it with my (formerly redundant) Denon speakers, but I was very curious how it sounds with my Klipsch RP 160M speakers. For this price, it sounds amazing! Built in bluetooth (works excellent with my Amazon Fire HD tablet), one RCA and one 3.5mm jack aux. The volume on the Klipsch speakers is very impressive; sound quality too! Hope this keeps working properly!
  8. LeftEyeShooter

    Everyone but thebes should be interested

    I listened to it in streaming. Great album. The remastered songs are now in stereo, while the original album was mono.
  9. LeftEyeShooter

    Please critique my speaker placement and setup.

    The screen is at at a dangerous location, move it so it doesn't block the passage.
  10. LeftEyeShooter

    Bookshelf vs floorstanding

    I'm using a Denon M41 DAB microsystem and sounds really good with the RP 160M bookshelf speakers.
  11. LeftEyeShooter

    U2's One: bad mastering or Klipsch's weak spot?

    I recently bought two vinyl records and they both came with a redeem card so I could download the digital files as well. Which I did, of course. The difference in the download quality was quite spectacular, though I must say I can't really hear a difference. The wav files, of course, are the most desired. Elvis Presley - The Searcher: mp3 files totalling 115Mb. GoGo Penguin - A Humdrum Star: wav files totalling 1.6Gb
  12. LeftEyeShooter

    Heresy III versus RP 160M (and RP600M)

    Here in Belgium, where I live, Klipsch is hard to find, and the heritage series is even harder to find. The closest location where I could listen to Heresy IIIs was in LIlle (France). Heresy IIs and Is are extremely rare here in Europe, and what is rare, has a high price.... You are right about the ported design. Also: the diameter of the Heresy's woofer is much larger than the RP160M's.
  13. I'm a total newbie here. I recently purchased a pair of RP 160M speakers and I'm totally impressed by them and rediscovering familiar music and discovering lots of new music as well. When I was doing my research, I first came to Heresy III speakers. However, they were not within my budget and where I live, they are hard to get. If budget was no issue, I would have bought them because I'm intrigued by the 'heritage' they belong to. I find it striking that the specs of both, the Heresy's and the RP160Ms are very similar. The Heresy's are three way speakers, of course, but other than that, the technical sheet is almost identical. So this makes me wonder if there is a lot of difference in the listening experience. Has anyone here been able to compare these two?
  14. LeftEyeShooter

    12 step audio program

    .... the only problem I see here is that some of you need to invest in a wide angle lens! Brings me to an idea: there should be a thread here at Klipsch Forum titled: "A 360° of my listening room". Would be really cool. Most smartphones can do this, nowadays. https://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/blog/2016-02-a-virtual-reality-fairy-tale
  15. LeftEyeShooter

    12 step audio program

    In photography circles we call this GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome.