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  1. I kind of remember you must be sure to use the right type of hdmi cable. Arch hdmi (or not, can't remember).
  2. I own 'The Great Ray Charles' , which is not his best, but already Charles sounds amazing. https://youtu.be/We9NPRf3jw8
  3. This FM radio has its proper merits and I love its 'plastic fantastic' sound, and the added reason is that when I get back home, I will appreciate the warm sound of my Heresies and tube amp even more!
  4. I found it under my account settings. It's actually limited to 146.48 Mb I deleted 25 of the largest files. This solved the issue. Thanks for the tip!
  5. No spinning of vinyl for the next couple of weeks because I'm on holiday in the Austrian Dolomite area. A beautiful 'vintage' mountain cabin. And a wonderful vintage FM Radio as my only 'analog audio source'. Edit: again, my images are 'skipped' because of their file size... So in my account settings I was able to delete my oldest images. The limit size of attachments is a total of 146Mb
  6. So, you basically want to connect a speaker (echo dot) to a speaker R51PM? The Dot can only do this with 'compatible devices'.
  7. Almost midnight. My teenage son came downstairs and told me he could feel the bass of my music while lying in bed. The volume of my 12wpc Leben Hifi is at 9 o'clock. Anybody telling the Heresies don't have enough bass should come to my home! Go Go Penguin, A Humdrum Star Edit: Is there a server problem? I can't upload a picture. Instead I get a wrong warning about file size
  8. The diagnosis is official now... I'm an audiophile! 😉 Each time I play a record, I go through this procedure: 1) I take the loupe and inspect the stylus 2) I clean the stylus with the small white brush 3) I inspect the stylus again with the loupe. If not okay, back to step 1 4) I clean the record surface with the carbon brush. 5) I clean the carbon brush. 6) I repeat steps 4 and 5 twice. 7) I close the lid and play the record's side A. 😎Before playing side B, go through steps 1-7! NB This is for 'clean' records, of course. Dalida, J'attendrai (1974)
  9. The RP-8000F II set is a two way concept, while in the Heritage line, all models are three way. This means there's a woofer for the lows, a squawker for the mids, and a tweeter for the highest frequencies. The overall effect is that you will have a fuller sound, with the human voice richer and fuller, compared to a two way speaker. I own a set of Heresy speakers, these are the smallest and most affordable of the Heritage line. I can tell you they can play LOUD, even with my 12wpc Leben Hifi tube amp. I also own the RP160Ms in my writer's den, and on their own they are fine, but when I a/b them with my Heresies, they clearly don't have the muscle nor fullness, even when near ear listening. In the US, you should be able to find a pre-owned Heritage set within your budget, I'm sure.
  10. Erratum: Love Over Gold is the Dire Straits album on which you can listen to the amazing song Telegraph Road.
  11. Always better than a mummified bat!
  12. Simple answer... Choose from the Heritage line and... Rule 1: Go as big as your wallet can afford. Rule 2: If aesthetics is important to you, choose a heritage speaker set that is proportional to your room size.
  13. One of the lesser known Prince albums: Around the world in a day. There is one classic on it: Raspberry Beret, but I like these songs even better: Condition of the heart and Temptation
  14. I couldn't agree more! I want to add to my original post that this PWK document was intended for the Klipsch 'salesman'. No marketing babble, no BS, but facts, tabulated! And instructions on how to inform the (uneducated) consumer without BS. He's asking/warning the salesmen not to sell amps that are too powerful and will surely damage the speakers. Durability is a keyword here! When I open my 1972 Heresy speakers, I'm always surprised how new they are on the inside while they are 50 years old! The wires used inside are color coded, feel new, the soldering is top. What comes to mind is military grade quality and reliability, not ego, luxury, status.
  15. Did you coat that Elekit black yourself? I like the wooden sides as well! On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a complete beginner, how hard is it to build the Elekit?
  16. I found this interesting document on FB about speaker efficiency, written by Paul W. Klipsch himself. I don't know if it has been posted here before, but I find it pretty interesting!
  17. As a happy owner of a set of Heresy speakers, your defining La Scala speakers as 'small' and 'downscaling', put a smile on my face - considering my chronic back pain. 😉
  18. Back in the 1980s, Dire Straits was hugely popular, and for me their first 4 or 5 albums were/are the best: Dire Straits (epinominous), Making Movies, Communique, and Telegraph Road, and then their live album Alchemy. Knopfler also had brought out soundtracks like 'Local Hero' and 'Cal'. By the time Brothers in Arms came out, they were so huge, filling stadiums, and I always thought that album was very polished and 'commercial', without rough edges - though the lyrics are a mixed bag, with a lot of sarcasm, eg 'Why worry' and 'Money for nothing'. In my pretty complete collection, I have one album not on vinyl, but on CD: Telegraph Road. Back then, I had it on cassette tape - the tape that introduced me to Dire Straits - and I found it so good that I promised myself this one I would buy on CD. Well, I eventually did in... 2018. The thing is, that historically, Telegraph Road was one of the first commercially available CDs. It did come out on vinyl, and so did Brothers in Arms, but back then, the hype was Digital and CD, not analog and vinyl... So I always find it kind of funny when people, myself included, post pictures of Brothers in Arms on vinyl, because when it came out, it was all about the digital quality!
  19. It is a nice 'barn' indeed, and the relevant thing is, as he points out, that it has very high ceilings, but I'm not so sure about the positioning of the Cornwalls: 1) he's in a chair with a next to him a coffeetable. I think this is for 'cinematic effect', because when you watch the video, you'll see a couch further away than where he is now. So he normally would sit even further from the speakers, which are relatively closeby to one another 2) he's got the space and the corners, so why didn't he put the speakers further away from eachother and preferably in corners? From the manual:
  20. On the hottest day of the year, 40°C coming this afternoon, Herb Alpert's mariacchi music is going through my speakers... 1966. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herb_Alpert#The_Tijuana_Brass_years
  21. Well, I 've just wasted half an hour of my life figuring out why the left channel was lower in volume than the right channel. 1. Opened and checked the Left speaker. All was fine. 2. Swapped L and R speakers. Now the volume in the r channel is low. Swapped them back. 3. Open my Leben tube amp. Replaced the preamp tubes. No change. 4. Replaced the 4 EL84 powertubes. No change. 5. Panic: 'My amp needs a service.' 6. Keep calm. I tell myself. 7. I ask Mr Google "Why is my left channel lower in volume than the right channel." First search result: "Most likely it is the input device." Huh? 8. I change input from Streaming device to CD Player. Volume in both channels the same! Yes! 9. I pull out power plug streamer and reboot the Streamer. 10. Problem solved!!! Lesson learned: when volume in one channel is lower, your first step should be to check the input device... 😳
  22. Well, raised and tilted, up to now I've have always set my Leben''s "bass boost" at +3dB and now that it is flat on the floor, I had to turn it off with some recordings because low freqs were too dominant!
  23. Well, I took your advice and removed the tilted risers. The are now true floorstanders (on a 2mm rubber mat).
  24. This morning I finally took the time to rearrange my Heresy speakers: I put them on the floor, tilted with diy risers I bought in a diy store. (before, they were placed higher with the tweeters at ear height) I had never thought they would sound so different! The high and low frequencies are much better balanced. Thank you to those who nudged me to do this. It was a small effort, quick, and cost no money at all!
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