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  1. A Dire Straits EP that is often overlooked in their repertoire... Sounds so jazzy... If you want to hear Mark Knopfler do some scat singing, then listen to track two.
  2. When I bought the cd last year, it came with/in a printed, black, plastic bag. It is supposed to be 'special' like that. Wonder if the new LP is also like that....
  3. I like the guy 'cause he has a Leben Hifi CS600! 😉
  4. Have you tried a factory reset? Instructions: https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/5519797138452-ProMedia-Heritage-2-1-Factory-Reset
  5. I can't help wondering who in this group had the guts to rip the acoustic paneling from the wall. The guy in the back with the cap and the sunglasses perhaps? (just goofing and trying to be funny on a Sunday noon...) :-)))
  6. combine the RP160Ms with a TubeCube (3.5wpc with 2x EL84 tubes) and this is the 'best bang for the buck' ever!
  7. @Idontknow It would be interesting to know your listening experience of the Manley Labs Stingray, which imo had an amazing design and has double the power and comes with 2 sets of 4 EL84 tubes. https://www.manley.com/legacy/mst And the Mark 2: https://www.manley.com/hifi/m2st And a faverouble review: https://www.stereophile.com/content/manley-labs-stingray-itube-integrated-amplifier-stingray-ii-september-2010
  8. Here in Europe, we're fighting droughts, wildfires and heatwaves!!!!
  9. I saw pair of new RP160Ms in promo for 229 euro, which is a steal.... https://www.son-video.com/article/enceintes-compactes/klipsch/rp-160m-noir
  10. Congratulations with your purchase! I'm wondering/surprised that the 'installation and setup' of these giant speakers is not included as a service, as it requires quite some 'muscle' and tech skills too. I thought that the official Klipsch dealer here in Belgium does it. Edit https://www.mediaelectronics.be Delivery is free, and you can opt for setup and installation.
  11. I've been active on this forum for a couple of years now. I love music of all genres if they are well recorded and have a good Melody 😉 My other passion is writing fiction. After having self-published two books on the Amazon platform, I decided to take a different approach and try out Wattpad for my third novel: Miserere - The Last of the NeandertaL. The book, disguised as a (pre)historical adventure, mystery and science fiction novel, is about mutation, breast cancer and death. So what is it about? Why this book? The subject of breast cancer entered my life on a very personal level in 2015. I will not go into detail about this event for now. It was traumatising and I waited 5 years or so before I was ready to write about it. Ironically, only a few weeks after I finally started writing, in the spring of 2021, a really close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was early July 2021. I made a pact with her: Let's make a deal: you have one year to get over this, and while you go through the therapy, I'll be working on this book. And by July 2022, you'll be cured, and I will have finished this novel. Well, here we are now! My friend is doing fine now (after going through multiple surgeries in the past year, going through hell several times, and all the way back again...), and I'm about to finish my novel! So why this post? If you think the music world is competitive, well I can tell you competition is arguably even tougher for a writer in the English language: on Amazon, 6,000 new books are published daily... It is terribly difficult to get noticed. Hence my experiment with Wattpad. So what is the deal: you can read my 'under construction' novel, which is 80% finished, for free on a device of your choice. You'll need a Wattpad account, which is free. Wattpad (and their app) is a reliable and safe platform. No worries, and there really is no catch (if you don't mind the ads, after one week of use). I have given my book a mature rating because there are references to (very mild) sexuality. And what is next? When the novel is finished (end of August 2022 the latest), I will update the Wattpad version and, more importantly, I will self-publish it on Amazon. It will be available there as paperback and hardback. It is unfinished, but is it 'readable'? Yes! The book consists of three parts that can be read in any order you like. Part Two and Part Three are completely finished, Part One is still in the process of being written. You can trust me, reading it will be a rewarding experience. As this is a passion project, I'm looking forward to reader feedback/input. You can react to this post (I am following this thread) or you can leave a comment on the Wattpad platform, of course. The link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/313381869-miserere-the-last-of-the-neandertal
  12. There are rare exceptions. One of my 16 year old students is completely into vinyl records. She had first listened to her dad's records and now is building her own collection. Another one was into analog photography. My estimate is 1 in 300 youngsters is interested in the analog lifestyle...
  13. The song was written by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), actually. When I was teaching about Johnny Cash to 17 year old students this schoolyear, they really loved 'Hurt' !
  14. Completely off topic: both the wife and I are seriously ill with covid, in isolation at home. Please be careful when you go to concerts or festivals! Nb Typically, I feel like dying, while the wife says it's like flue symptoms. 😉 I worry a lot, because I have some chronic medical issues.
  15. It will be interesting to see how the premium tubes evolve over time, compared to the standard ones. Do you have more info about the tubes? Brand, nos? Most of the new 'branded' EL84 tubes are all made in the same production facility in Ching Chang, and you pay premium price for the name they print on the glass, and the colorful packaging. They are all mediocre quality compared to 1950s/1960s NOS tubes.
  16. One of my regrets in life: last time I moved, back in 2008, I doubted about what to do with my Dual TT and amp, which I had owned since I was a student all the way back to 1989. Because the amp no longer worked I decided to bring them to the dumpster at the recycling park. 😭😭😭
  17. Next to music/Klipsch, one of my other passions is Japanese anime movies. My latest acquisition is 'Belle'. See trailer below. Animation is beautiful, at times photo realistic. Early on, there is a shot of a listening room, with a turntable, cd player and a serious looking amplifier. Two floorstanding speakers as well. And lots of vinyl records. I was kind of hoping the gear would be 'identifiable'... Anybody any ideas?
  18. This album cover must be the tackiest in my collection, but the music is oh so heavenly!
  19. So there is no magnet, but the stylus movement is scanned optically, and then converted to electric pulses? https://www.stereophile.com/content/gramophone-dreams-54-ds-audio-ds003-optical-cartridge-emia-lundahl-koetsu-sculpture-step
  20. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/ds-audio-demo-es-001-eccentricity-detection-stabilizer-quintessential-audio-chicago-saturday
  21. Well, I checked everything, and gave it a good clean too, and I think there's nothing wrong with the needle etc. I'm currently listening to Talk Talk's It's my Life on vinyl, and it sounds just fine! So I think the mixing/mastering of the vinyl record of Hotel California is quite different compared to what Spotify is streaming (a re-master?).
  22. They have a nice clock too! In audiophile terms 'affordable'...
  23. I have a question on Left/Right channel separation. I recently bought a new pickup needle for my Technics SL DL1, and I have noticed that the Left/Right channel separation is much greater than before. The sound seems to come from the further left of my left speaker, and from the further right of my right speaker. (I hope you get what I mean with this). When comparing a song on Spotify (eg Hotel California), with my vinyl record playback, the difference is quite remarkable, and even upsetting. On Spotify, the singer's voice is in de middle, on the front, while on vinyl it is in de middle, but in the back. The difference is so huge, it is kind of confusing, and it makes me wonder which of both the original artist intented...
  24. This morning, I was a little bit in shock when I read that Michael Fremer is leaving analogplanet.com What?! Michael Fremer IS analogplanet! Read about it here: https://www.analogplanet.com/content/welcome-analog-planet-20#comment-585186 After some google use, I found his new project: https://trackingangle.com/ You can add your name and email to a mailing list. I've done that already. In his own words: TrackingAngle.com is the new online home of the pioneering 1990s print magazine The Tracking Angle I edited and produced in partnership with Nick Despotopoulos and David L’Heureux. I will leave AnalogPlanet at the end of June, 2022 to launch this new venture and bring with me to TrackingAngle.com my talented writing staff as well as introduce to you some new contributors—and watch for the new TrackingAngle YouTube channel. Reuniting with Nick and David, we will continue to produce the Internet’s most comprehensive reviews of recorded music and affordable audio equipment, with a focus on analog playback. In addition there will be new features and other content focused on the worldwide vinyl resurgence. If you don't know Michael Fremer, you must be a Martian... , but here is his first 'new' video:
  25. That crossover seems in very good condition. I'd enjoy them like they are... I'm not sure that painting the woofers, as someone suggested, is a good idea.... It may affect the sound. Keep those pics coming!
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