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    1979 Sansui G-8700DB DC Receiver
    1979 Sansui SR-737 DD Turntable
    1979 Sansui SE-7 Graphic Equalizer
    1979 Sansui SC-1100G Cassette
    1977 AKAI 4000DB Reel to Reel
    Nobsound 6P1 6.8W Class A Single-Ended Vacuum Tube Amp
    1990 Klipschorn AK-3 Network Speakers

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  1. Thanks everyone I know it sounds crazy to try something else even though I am completely satisfied. I am also using a 42 year old receiver that is sure to need some work sometime.
  2. Good afternoon everyone. I have a set of 1990 AK-3 Khorns and just love them. I am currently driving them with a Sansui G-8700DB Receiver and they sound amazing. I am trying to match a smaller receiver or Amp/Preamp combo that can fit in my entertainment center. The Sansui is just huge and doesn't fit that well. Although I I am pleased with the Sansui match up, I am looking into possibly using a Yamaha M-50 Amp and C-50 Matching Preamp for the Khorns. Does anyone have experience driving their Khorns with these pieces of equipment? I am also open to other amp/preamp or receiver recommendations that you may have. Thanks for the help! Cheers, John
  3. Quick question to ask. I recently purchased a set of 1990 Khorns and wanted to ask how the serial numbers breakdown. My HF and LF Serial numbers match but I curious on the number structure breakdown. Example of one serial number and other information on the tags is provided below. KBOOHF 90050856 90-23427 07/20/1990 – 08/14/1990 Thanks for the help! John
  4. Hope everyone is doing great. I recently purchased a refurbished Lafayette LA-230 Tube Receiver. Having a hard time finding information on it. I have found out that the model may be similar to a Kenwood (Trio) KW series but it stops there. I have the unit connected to a set of Forte I's and it sounds amazing. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  5. I recently purchased a set of KG4’s and they are Light Oak Wood Veneer in mint condition. The KG4's sound great with my 8.5’s and complement each other quite well. I would love to have the 8.5’s in the same oak color. Although there is nothing wrong with the black finish on the 8.5’s, I was wondering if there any way to replace or cover the black ash vinyl veneer with light oak wood veneer? I’m sure it may be a big project, but I would love them both to be in oak. Has anyone ever replaced/covered vinyl veneer before? Thanks for the information and your help.
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