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  1. 21 hours ago, billybob said:

    The 94db I think will end up being the case. Had a pair in walnut local at a bit of a steal price listed. One had the round terminal cup and the other the squarish one. Could not tell the distinction between the two. Can handle amplification easily up to 250 wpc just watch the volume. Powered mine with a vintage 45wpc integrated with amazing results.

    Congrats on a quality speaker set...welcome to the forum!


    Thanks for the welcome! I have and Adcom 5400 that powers my AR-3a's, I want to hook it up to the KG-4s to see what more power can do for them. 


    As for the sensitivity rating, are you suggesting that the earlier versions Max2 and I have are actually 94db but misbadged? I've read about the 4ohm / 6 ohm stuff being marketing ploy in the mid 80's. But nothing on the variance of sensitivity of these early KG-4s 

  2. 17 minutes ago, Max2 said:

    You're  right. Maybe a network and driver update over the years.   I think the KG 4 is the best bargain in the used market of basically anything Klipsch.  They can be had for $200ish a pair and they sound fantastic with surprising bass.





    I got mine about 5 years ago for around 250 minty. Black cabs absolutely love them. As noted here and in other forums they need proper amplification for 2CH stereo for sure. I had them temporarily into a HT denon receiver until I could hook up my Marantz 2230. Night and day difference. One of these I will get a tube amp for them. The bass def needs proper placement, upper midrange and top end very dynamic. Def incredible value for budget audiophile. 

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  3. 20 hours ago, Max2 said:

    Mine say the exact same thing and I think they're '85 models


    Thanks. So much info out there on them having a sensitivity of 94dB @ 1watt/1meter


    And ours say 91. That's quite a huge difference in speaker sensitivity on a logarithmic scale.


  4. Just pulled out my Black KG-4s out of storage to build out a second system and have some various amplification options. Was always under the assumption these were 6ohm and rated 93/94 db sensitivity, but the type on the back near the speaker inserts says 91db and 4 ohms. Appear to be early models made in 1984. I have read elsewhere that the 6ohm/4ohm discrepancy was merely marketing stuff in the mid 80's.


    My question is, are these early model KG-4s less sensitive then the of majority KG-4s out there?  Thanks in advance.



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