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  1. Back surgery on March 14th. Got home Saturday and slept. This morning I had to fire up the PM51’s and sub to let my Dad hear. Picked Chet Atkins Mr Sandman. Mr Klipsch would be happy! The emotional reaction I get from these speakers blows me away. Tears were rolling down my face! Why? Never happened before unless the song had a personal connection. I’m a believer Mr. Klipsch!
  2. I will be in Hope on Friday. Is the museum open?
  3. I'm visiting Hope for the first time this weekend. I hope the museum will be open. I would like to come for the pilgrimage in April. I’m have lumbar fusion surgery March 14th. I’m hoping to be able to make it to Robin Trower concert on 4/20. If I persevere and my funds hold out I say I will be here!! Brenda
  4. I would like a couple Klipsch tee shirts. I found one one eBay but I do want the real deal. Suggestions on how to purchase to help support the museum.
  5. Can a CD player be hooked up to the R-51PM’s?
  6. Listened to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds(90’s era cd) tonight using laptop that is connected to the R-51PM’s and 120SW. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! I love it when I can say well, I never heard that before! ❤️🤩🔊🔊
  7. I need a longer usb cable for my R51PM. Will any usb cable work?
  8. I have the R-51PMs and R-120 SW. I have the sub plugged in the LFE jack on speaker and the low pass set on LFE. I’m new to all this. What does LFE mean? Does this create operational efficiency? Sounds🤪like I’m at work!
  9. I purchased the R-51PM and R-120SW. Retired my Kenwood triple 7’s that I purchased when I was stationed in Baumholder Germany in 1981. I remember walking around the store and really thinking that in should get a couple of those big speakers made in Hope Arkansas! I am really enjoying these new speakers and I’m sure the neighbors are too!
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