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  1. forgot to mention that the price includes shipping
  2. Yes for a pair, in original packing. I live in california. 93619
  3. Yes, this is for the pair. In original packing
  4. Bought these for a large horn project and decided to go another direction. These will work in all the larger Klipsch horn designs, Incredibly well built , and made to put out dramatic amounts of low freq. These are brand new and cost me over 450 new. Absolutely massive magnet structures! As you can see, they have never been used. Shipped in boxes from parts express. 335.00. thanks, Jon
  5. They will work great.
  6. Like new, just bought these until my ALK crossovers were built. They actually sound great, every bit as good as the original cornwall crossovers. 150 shipped. Thanks
  7. I knew I could count on you guys! Great info!! I had heard great feedback on the passive radiator model, but can't seem to find much on the sealed cabinet design? I would imagine it was a bit bass light? Probably 60 65 hz.? Thanks guys, Jon
  8. Yep! your right! That is what it is. No passive. Thanks for the help. Regards,,Jon
  9. Hi, This is a strange question but does anyone know why some of the KG-2 speakers come with round tweeters, and some are square? I cannot seem to find any info on this? I am asking because I have a mint pair Im looking at and the tweeter horn is square? Almost all pics I see are round? Although there seems to be pics of both? Weird that they would have used 2 different ones? Thanks, Jon
  10. Its all one box, I just made it to look like it is a dual box. Speaker dimensions are calculated to size of the cornscala, same volume, just different dimensions. Just makes the speaker taller and a bit slimmer. It is much more pleasing to look at now as opposed to a cornscala or cornwall. Regards, Jon
  11. I made a mistake, it is the 85. I was thinking about the 75 because it has wider freq range but decided on the 85. It was a good choice, sound magnificent with the ALK Crossovers. Regards,,jon
  12. You can actually buy the horn kit, it comes in a bunch of pieces. You have to glue it together, and then the fun starts. Sanding and finishing is very hard work, and takes a long time to get right. I have never seen one done the way I did it? Here is a pic of the innards. This is the finest version of this speaker that you will ever see. Never seen one built better? Regards,,jon
  13. Go to the crites site, and look the cornscala. All the info is on there. There are various drivers that will work with this crossover, but they would most likely work best in a cornwall, or what i built. Cornscala. Regards,,jon
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