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  1. Yea, I have been building speakers for over 25 years. Getting pretty good at it. Regards,,Jon
  2. Yea, I still have 2 brand new ones if your interested? Jon
  3. Sold to Charlieboy! Enjoy! Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Yea, it is a very well made cabinet! I have never seen a cornscala built this well on the site? They sound amazing also
  5. funny thing is that I have posted many pics before and never had a problem? It also says I have plenty of space left?? Strange?
  6. I live in central Valley CA. 93619. $3500.00
  7. I have these set up in my living room and can demo if you are close? Also, not sure whats going on, but it seems I am limited posting photos? Never happened before? I have many pictures of them so If you want some more pics, I can send them personally. Thanks, Jon
  8. So, I posted the parts for these a while ago, but had a lot of interest in not only the parts but the cabs also. I was going to keep the cabs, but they are just too huge, and because of all the speakers in the house, my wife started looking at me funny. Anyway, I built a couple pairs of these. I usually build 2 pairs of every project so I can use one to tweak, and then keep the final incarnation. This was the first pair I built and then I did one in all maple. These are the ones i tried several different drivers in, and decided to sell them with all the parts I offered a while back. These have the crites cast frame woofers, and I had AL at ALK build me some APL600, and ES5800 crossovers for them. Also built the Eliptrac 400 horns and tweeters. Midrange is B&C 250 and Tweeter is B&C also. Really no expense was spared on these incredible speakers. The cabs as you can see, are of very high caliber, and more than likely some of the best Cornscala cabs made? IMHO. I built them so I am partial of course ; ) I have decided to sell the complete speaker. They sound magnificent as many of you can imagine. The one word that comes to mind with these speakers is "Prodigious" They will fill a VERY large room with very little wattage and sound like a live band doing it! I love JAZZ and these certainly excel in that category. I also built very nice grills for these that are included. I am willing to ship these but only at the buyers expense. They are very heavy, I built them to last a lifetime. About 180lbs each. I did the fronts in textured black paint, which looks pretty cool I think, also easy to touch up. Baffles, and walls are 1.5". I refinished the tops and finished them in a non stainable finish because my wife was always putting stuff on them. It looks good, and it is very durable. Sorry for being long winded but I am trying to answer most questions, and be as detailed as possible. These are very fine horn speakers and I am very happy with how they came out. I am quite sure whoever buys them will feel the same. Please feel free to call if your interested. 559-994-1398. Regards, Jon
  9. I have for sale a pair of Kappa 15c Drivers that I was going to use in a new project that never transpired. Sound especially good in Belle or La Scala. Brand new shipped in the US. 150 takes them. Eminence Kappa-15C 15%22 Driver 4 Ohm.html
  10. Sorry, I replied to the wrong post. These are not available. Regards,,Jon
  11. I am selling a full set of drivers and crossovers for hugely upgraded pair of cornscalas. I built 2 pairs of parts for the 2 pairs of cornscalas that I built, look up my name and you can see pictures of them? I am keeping one pair and selling the other. I will sell cabinets locally, because they are beasts, over 150lbs each and huge. Crossovers are the ALK AP12-600 and ES-5800 designed for the exact drivers I am offering. The woofers are the Crites 15" Cast frame, the midranges are the B&C DE-85TN, and the Tweeters are the B&C DE-10. I also have a pair of B&C 15PS100 woofers that are brand new that worked very very well in this with these crossovers, so you can take your pic on the woofers. Also, the tweeters come with the Eliptrac wave guide. This setup will cost well over 2000 to have built and shipped to you. I will sell for 1350 shipped for the parts. Regards,,Jon
  12. I live in Clovis ca. 93619 Price shipped? Thanks,,jon
  13. Hi, do you still have these? Very interested if you do? Thanks,,Jon
  14. Like new, only used while I was having ALK built. Actually sound pretty dam good though, not sure I should have even spent the money on the ALK's? 150.00 Shipped. Thanks,Jon
  15. forgot to mention that the price includes shipping
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