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  1. I would agree with you about BB for some kinds of speakers, I have built about 200 pairs in the last ten years. Horns are a different animal. These horns in particular really have nothing to do with the actual cabinet, except being mounted to it. I built this cabinet for the Bass exclusively. Like so many other cornscala designs, sometimes the horns, tweeters, etc, are actually not even part of the cabinet at all. BB is great for Back loaded horns, where the driver actually uses the cabinet like an instrument to help the music sound warm and rich. MDF on the other hand, or some other very inert material is most often used on multi driver, dynamic transducer designs. Someone once told me that " BB is much more rigid than MDF, if you put them side by side, and bend them, the MDF bends much easier", True, I never said it wasn't stronger, it is denser, and does not resonate like a BB cab does. It is Dead, or Enert. For bass drivers, and a bass cabinet, this is optimal. They put out massive amounts of sound pressure or air movement, so the less the cabinet resonates, the more focused the bass frequencies. That is why you almost always see subwoofer cabs built like a battle ship, at least the good ones? To get to your point , I used both MDF, and BB because I wanted a massively built, and dead cab for the huge bass driver, and I wanted plywood because it looks awesome, and keeps with the heritage approach. The biggest reason was that i couldn't find maple BB, and I had just enough maple veneer to do these. LOL, HE HE! I also wanted to build the dam things and not wait, Laughing out loud now!! I wanted to build kind of a Cornscala on steroids. Or, "JONSCALA" !! LOL! Most kind Regards,, Jon
  2. Yea, I have built a ton of speakers, and I love plywood but the inert nature of MDF along with laminating ply onto it, is pretty much a perfect storm of solidity and beauty. They are HEAVY! I will ad a minimal amount of dampening to strategic locations, but that should do it. They are VERY well built, and extremely rigid. Kind Regards,, Jon
  3. Thanks,, I put a lot of work into them, took about 2 weeks. I will send pics when they are finished. I have a feeling they will sound pretty dam good! Cheers, Jon
  4. Thank you sir, I will post more photos when they are all assembled. Cheers, Jon
  5. Yea, I am clear coating them now. I will post more photos when they are all together. Cheers
  6. Here are some photos of the inside. Regards,,Jon
  7. Yea, I will put some up soon
  8. thanks, you are always hearing how good low power tubes sound, just wanted to get some thoughts
  9. Anyone have experience as to what type of amplification sounds good with these speakers?
  10. Yea, I will post a video soon
  11. I will upload more photos of the inner cabs later. Networks are ALK Extreme slope crossovers. I paid over a grand for them, pricey but the best out there. Drivers are Crites cast frame woofers, B&C Midrange compression horns, and B&C tweeters recommended by AL at ALK Engineering. Just going to clear coat them, they are already fully veneered in maple, and solid maple front edging. I thought about staining them, but I really love the clean look of the maple. It is so clean looking, and the maple looks even better in person. Unfortunately the pictures don't even do them justice. Regards,Jon
  12. thanks!! I wanted them to be special. With the integrated horn, I think they are even nicer than the Volti! Thanks,,Jon
  13. I am using the Crites cast frame woofer, B&C Midrange compression drivers, and B&C Tweeters recommended by Al over at ALK. He built the 2 piece crossovers. I went all out on the parts for these, the crossovers are the extreme slope, and cost me over a grand. They are the absolute best you can get for these though. These cabs make everything sound magnificent, they turned out insanely heavy, so I put them on wheels that are concealed inside the bottom plinth. Pretty slick!!
  14. Yea, They look so clean in the maple that I think I will just clear coat them. They are fully veneered in Maple. They are built with MDF inner cab and Maple ply outer cab. The front baffle is 1.5" MDF that I veneered with maple so I could integrate the fasten horn into them. I wanted a very clean professional look. I will upload some inner photos later. Regards,,Jon
  15. Just built these. What do you think?
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