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  1. The HK 730 is one of the great receivers of the 1970's. Dual power (40W/chan), great sound. Unfortunately, this one has an intermittent channel and one panel light is out. Cosmetically, it's in excellent shape and has all controls intact. I planned to restore it, but haven't gotten around to it. Now that I'm selling my house, it's got to go...hopefully to someone who will restore it an appreciate it. It is available for pick up in the Boston area.
  2. Only reason I'm selling this is because I'm selling my house and it can't come with me. I've priced it low and just want it to find a good home. Local pickup only in the Boston area. Excellent condition. Powerful (60 real watts/channel), sounds great, one of the great workhorse receivers from the 80's.
  3. I'm located just outside Boston. I'm attaching a photo I just took of the unit with the power on. In looking closely, it seemed that the far right side of the FM scale might be dim, possibly indicated a light out at that point. For anyone interested in buying it, I'd be happy to hook it up to speakers and make a video (obviously you won't heard how it sounds, just that it sounds).
  4. This is one of the great receivers from the 1970's. 45 real watts per channel, using separate power supplies for the right and left channels for superb low end definition. Very good FM section. This receiver was acquired when it was nearly new and I worked in an electronics store. For the most part, it has been stored unused since that time. It is all original. Lights work, and it sounds great. There are minor cosmetic blemishes, but it is in remarkable cosmetic and operational shape for its age. I hung onto it all this time thinking I might have a use for it someday, but it's pretty clear now that won't happen. I'd like to see it go to someone who can appreciate it and use it. Unfortunately, I do not have original packing or manuals.
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