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  1. Thanks for your help. Attached close up of terminals. Yes, these are the original binding posts. They have a pair of female connectors with the original screws in them and male posts sticking out. I've been using the top screws. I will certainly clean up the posts before putting back in service. My problem with connecting wires is keeping all the wires under the screw when I tighten them. Maybe it's a good connection and I'm fretting over nothing. But I think I'll crimp on some spade connectors like suggested. Thanks again. Mike
  2. Maybe this has been answered, but I haven't found a good answer. I'm the original owner to a pair of Heresy 1 speakers, vintage 1975 birch unfinished, that I bought while in college. I love these speakers. I'm no audiophile, but I like them and wouldn't trade them for anything. I've always had trouble getting a good connection to those small screws on the binding posts (see pic attached). Can you recommend the best action? Is there a preferred method of connecting bare wires to these posts that I'm missing? Is there something I can do without drilling holes in the speakers...that fits the existing tread size. Am I just all wet and need to replace the posts? If so and with minimum changes, what should I do. I need to change the caps, so I guess I'll use Crites kit unless someone says that's stupid. Should I replace the tweeter or midrange diaphragms? Thanks for your patience and help. Regards, Mike
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