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  1. I think I might just build the top end of the chorus 2 band pass filter. the low pass of the mid and high pass of the tweeter. It crosses a lil lower then my kp301 and then like Chris said we can do the rest with rew and the Xilica.
  2. So if I’m going active bi amp my kp301s and I’m only going to use the low pass of the mid and high pass of the tweeter there no danger to get rid of the 200 ohm resistors. Since i posted this I have purchased a Xilica crossover with the help of Chris A and I am going active bi amp. Special thanks to Chris for all the help and questions he’s answered. He did tell me I could get rid of everything but the mid low pass and tweeter high pass. I’m not second guessing him at all. I just letting you guys know what happened to this post. I do wonder why the kp301 have a 200 ohm resistor and the chorus 1’s and 2’s have no resistors. Is it cause of the kp301 being more of a pro speaker and they are rated for a lot more dB output so the tweeter won’t blow. I’m a welder by trade so maybe I should have my wife proof read these for me more often. Lol JK
  3. Everything is the same. Driver wise. I was gonna build the version 2 crossover so it will all match.
  4. What is purpose of resistors In a crossover. Specifically I have kp301 version 1 speakers and I got some k61 horns and drivers coming so I can convert them to version 2. The version 1 have a 10 ohm resistor in the mid range circuit and a 200 ohm in the tweeter circuit. The version 2 crossovers does not have any in the mid and just a 3.3 ohm in the tweeter circuit. The only difference between the two is a tractrix horn in the mid. And 800hz woofer/mid crossover and 6000 Mid/tweeter. So what does the resistors do for the circut
  5. I really only have interest in the 61 horns and drivers is that ok.
  6. If so you’ll save me from having to build the cornscalas i already got b&c tweeter for the 301
  7. Thanks very much. I got kp301s and I’d really like to get a different mid horn. There 601 with k-57 driver sound good but want something more open sounding I guess lol
  8. Do you have the mid range drivers and horns
  9. Ryan0348

    CORNSCALLA conversion all parts - SOLD

    Do you still have them
  10. Now that I got just the 301s setup and with the right amount of toe in and up slightly it sounds pretty good. Really good sound stage. Just waiting on some b&c10s with Dave’s Mach horn now. Might do ALK crossovers also. Now that I know what really stereo image sounds like with really good speakers my 2017 Chevy trucks sound system sounds like garbage lol which sucks cause last week I thought I was pretty good. O well
  11. That goes into the kitchen. It’s a L shaped room behind me . From the wall in the pic behind the stereo to the wall behind me is 20’. There’s a short 2’ wall to my right. Just a lil corner wall but only 2’ wide.
  12. I did some listening with the kgs off and on with the same song “terrapin station” which has really good stereo image sounds same left right center and kgs do muddy up the sound a lil and kinda seams to shift the vocals and Jerry Garcia’s gutair from center to a lil left. So I’ll put those in the garage. I have the 301s on landscape block with a piece of 2” thick 24”x24” granite to raise them about 13 “. The speakers are 8’ apart with toe in to bring the triangle point to my couch dead center but 2’ ahead of it. Does the raspberry or blue sound have s/pdif connectors . Or is there a adapter cord I gotta get. What is the difference with usb vs those. I’ve read about better usb cables with the power line inside isolated from the rest. What is s/pdif Mainly used for.
  13. Its the DacMagic 100. do you know of any of the software programs you can buy will help the laptop. Something like roon or audiovarn.
  14. I set the sound settings in the laptop for the dac at 192/24 which is the 3.0 USB port the blue one. All that Deezer says about there HiFi is that it’s 1411 kb/s what is what lol what is the difference between the 2 one is kilobits and the other is ?
  15. Yea I live in Iowa so no earthquakes lol mostly dead and company concert posters Me and my wife been to and Larry zack wildlife prints. I got a couch dead center of the listening position. Gonna order the MAHL 1 tweeter drop inns the guy on here builds with the machined aluminum horns