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  1. looking for a pair of dcm50 drivers. let me know if you have some for sale. thanks
  2. ps audio bhk 250 . white. comes with all factory items and factory packaging. also comes with some extra tubes. its in excellent shape no scratches or scuffs. might be will ing to come down a lil. im selling to buy a bridgeport mill.
  3. Ps audio bhk stereo 250 in. excellent shape. It comes with 2 sets of tubes all factory packaging. its a awsome amp but winter is gonna be here fast and i need the money to finish insulating and sheeting in my garage. thanks for looking. im not sure how to compress the pictures to post them. email me and i can send them to yea. ryan.morrow034816@gmail.com
  4. Are you looking for drivers for them also with the horns
  5. I’m was using dual fatial pro 15pr400 woofers with these. In a push push front rear setup
  6. Fastrac cnc eliptical wood horn setup built but not painted with b&c de1060bst-8 5” diaphragm titanium copper shortIng ring Mylar surround. Usspeaker parts guy said there some of the best b&c has made in 2” mount will run down to 400hz in these horns easy I have tested them many times in room response they sound great and had no measurable distortion. The tweeters are Dave A cnc eliptical alum Horns with b&c Drivers. 1600$ obo the 2” mid drivers alone were 1200$ I can’t seem to post pics so message me for them and I’ll email them to you I can also provide xilica 30-60 xp crossover slopes and settings I use and have tried which was a lot lol. SOLD
  7. The woofer and tweeter Are being powered solid state sansui and Denon
  8. A lot better then the k61 horn and drivers I had lol. They seam a lil loud in the 800 to 2000 range. I’m tri ampin them through a xilica xp 3060 so I’m still going through the settings for the midrange. The eliptrac and these are being powered by PrimaLuna monoblocks. The woofer and tweeter are as.
  9. Couple weeks ago I called us speaker to order a b&c dcm50 2” driver to go along with my eliptrac horns. They only had 1 but instead the gentleman talked me into theses de1060 drivers 4” coil titanium 107db eff. He said it was designed for the military a application . It has a copper shorting ring and binding post for the terminals. I believe he said the coil is edge wound with Mylar and the dome is titanium for more travel. And it has a spacer ring for more travel. I can’t teally find anyone that has used it on this forum or even mentioned it. I have read that it’s b&c tip of the line driver. They list for 600& each and that was a few years ago. There not listed on us speakers site the guy told me. Anyone used this driver. Thanks
  10. I think I might just build the top end of the chorus 2 band pass filter. the low pass of the mid and high pass of the tweeter. It crosses a lil lower then my kp301 and then like Chris said we can do the rest with rew and the Xilica.
  11. So if I’m going active bi amp my kp301s and I’m only going to use the low pass of the mid and high pass of the tweeter there no danger to get rid of the 200 ohm resistors. Since i posted this I have purchased a Xilica crossover with the help of Chris A and I am going active bi amp. Special thanks to Chris for all the help and questions he’s answered. He did tell me I could get rid of everything but the mid low pass and tweeter high pass. I’m not second guessing him at all. I just letting you guys know what happened to this post. I do wonder why the kp301 have a 200 ohm resistor and the chorus 1’s and 2’s have no resistors. Is it cause of the kp301 being more of a pro speaker and they are rated for a lot more dB output so the tweeter won’t blow. I’m a welder by trade so maybe I should have my wife proof read these for me more often. Lol JK
  12. Everything is the same. Driver wise. I was gonna build the version 2 crossover so it will all match.
  13. What is purpose of resistors In a crossover. Specifically I have kp301 version 1 speakers and I got some k61 horns and drivers coming so I can convert them to version 2. The version 1 have a 10 ohm resistor in the mid range circuit and a 200 ohm in the tweeter circuit. The version 2 crossovers does not have any in the mid and just a 3.3 ohm in the tweeter circuit. The only difference between the two is a tractrix horn in the mid. And 800hz woofer/mid crossover and 6000 Mid/tweeter. So what does the resistors do for the circut
  14. I really only have interest in the 61 horns and drivers is that ok.
  15. If so you’ll save me from having to build the cornscalas i already got b&c tweeter for the 301
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