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  1. https://maine.craigslist.org/ele/d/saco-1967-klipsch-heresy-upgrades/6882093645.html I've no affiliation. These could have been posted earlier but a quick search did not show it. Might be worth a trip if in the upper northeast.
  2. Stock price hit a one year low yesterday of $3.50 a share and share price has declined 37% in the past year during a time of near unprecedented prosperity for the US business community. VOXX now has a market cap of $84 million. The stock hit an intraday high of $6.25 on July 10, 2018.
  3. I would like to see Klipsch prosper and for it to have a corporate parent capable of providing the resources to swim in a crowded lake. However, I continue to be baffled at the lack of retail presence in major population centers. Granted, a lot of product seems to be sold via guerrilla marketing and/or by heavily discounted mail order. Maybe that is by design.
  4. Following another VOXX International Corporation poor quarterly performance, and its stock price down sharply, some analysts recently questioned if it's time to consider liquidating the company and selling off profitable assets as the breakup value could exceed the current $3.60 share price. This is quite the quarterly earnings transcript. Would urge you to read it all. What happens on Wall Street can impact what happens in Hope, like it or not. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/edited-transcript-voxx-earnings-conference-011420171.html
  5. believe we are talking about the same person for repair options LOL.
  6. A plate amp will power the sub box, but additional amplification and crossovers will be required for the external speakers and the audio control pod system will not function. If it were me and I was set on that system (they are getting harder and harder to find) I would spring to have it repaired or acquire another one. Most of the autopsies on these traced the failure to bad caps, cooked resistors or a combination thereof and the occasional failed power transformer. If you opt for a plate amp solution to keep the sub, you are free to pick and choose your other components.
  7. There is a reliable vendor on eBay with whom I have no connection who had offered a repair service for these. He can be found by searching for stpeteshepherd . His pricing is average, but he has 100% feedback for more than 3,000 transactions. The issue with the early 2.1 failures and later, the 4.1, was heat. But it is still some of the best sound you can get for that amount of money. I have a 14 year old 2.1 at home that has never missed a beat and I have another one that is fried.
  8. Any thoughts on what the recent downward slope in Voxx stock is all about?
  9. Far too much of it available to be the result of recurring or persistent QC issues. Seems more like a guerilla marketing strategy to expand the customer base with a more affordable version of the product. Like "Psssst - I know a guy who has 'em for half price. Here's his number but ya can't tell anybody...."
  10. Just an observation. There seems to be a near endless supply of B stock available. Is Hope quality control really that rigid or is product that doesn't sell at retail just being rebranded and sold out of a warehouse somewhere at half price just to move it? I have B stock H3 and I feel fortunate to have gotten it for the price I paid. Given the obvious pressure on Voxx to cut costs while its stock keeps falling - why would you continue a design or manufacturing process that results in oodles of a supposed cosmetically imperfect product?
  11. If I'm not mistaken Klipsch sued Monoprice a few years ago: patent infringement, trade dress infringement, unfair competition and copyright infringement. I assume some sort of amicable resolution was achieved. https://www.cnet.com/news/klipsch-monoprice-settle-patent-dispute-over-speakers/
  12. I would think the Klipsch R-120SW would be plenty with your setup. Seems to work fine for me, but I am not a profligate spender. Subs are about like anything else, you can spend a boat load if you choose. That 12" Klipsch sub has recently been on sale for about $200. Sometimes, you can catch SVS outlet sales and get either a 10 or 12 sub with some minor scratches for good prices and full warranty. SVS has a huge and loyal following.
  13. This would appear to be a textbook instance of Voxx being within its rights to send a VRO infringement notice to the seller, unless there is some unstated business or licensing arrangement between design's owner and the seller.
  14. I got what I thought was a great deal on a set of sealed H3 WO B-stock for $900 and some change. I have owned and used a couple of sets of Promedia at work since 2005 but this was my first Heritage purchase. Six weeks in - I still find myself looking around to see the source of some sounds I hear - to make sure no one is in the other room or I do not have an intrusive large rodent or someone knocking at the front door. I just have never been able to enjoy home audio at that level before. But the kids are grown and I have the time and the means to enjoy it. I already have a standing offer on the H3s and I will be upgrading to CWIII's later this year. But what I have heard out of the H3's, an R-SW120 and a R-52C center driven by a Marantz SR-7012 is just darned impressive. I don't have elite equipment. I don't project hues of red and blue mood lighting on it, or fuss and fret about it all day long, and have not built a shrine around it. I just use it and enjoy it. To each his own.
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