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  1. Hi. I've set up my Denon + Klipsch home theater setup (no surround speakers for now). I have: Denon AVR-X1500H Klipsch: pair RP-260F, RP-250C, R-120SW I listen 50 % music, 50 % netflix videos. I'm tuning my system to optimal settings and having few open matters to discuss. Most of the online references recommend to trust Audyssey and then leave subs to LFE and 80-100hz and fronts and center to SMALL. When I auto-tune with Audyssey I'm not satisfied with music (concerts), middle tones and strength of fronts (bass and voice is great). Everything is undertuned I think if I listen music (I set settings to Music mode Stereo in Denon), but movies are great to hear (set to Movie mode in denon (dts)). Then I manually tune and set sub to LFE + Mains, fronts to LARGE (leave center to small) my fronts start to respond more to middle tunes, rock concerts and other music is great to listen. What do you recommend would be my optimal settings? I don't want to switch between settings 🙂 I attached some settings and room details.
  2. Yes, translation issue ... those are exact models. As a start. Later I would add R-100sw as a sub.
  3. I’m building my first Klipsch system. I want to make smart moves, so I rather buy step by step. I’m thinking of buying Denon x1500h as a reciever (Is it good enough?) and RP-260F as first speakers. This costs around 1400 usd and it is within my budget. I found good price in Amazon Europe (I’m from EU). Next buy will be sub. my room size iz 300 square feet, I’m 70% music, 30% movies. This is my first audio build, so please help :)
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