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  1. I guess I should add that the Bluetooth source is from another device connected to the BT on The Three. It is not running through the Klipsch Stream app. Aux input on The Three (connected to the output jack of the device) accomplishes what I want, but I would rather connect the device via BT so it is not tethered via a cable to the Aux. The Klipsch app only has selections for Aux, Line In, and Phono when configuring streaming from the Three's sources... BT is not a selection option. It seems this should be a fairly simple task. Thoughts and ideas anyone? I realize I can stream from the Klipsch app and connect via BT to do this, but I have BT sources that don't support the Klipsch app. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! Been a Klipsch user for many years (two K-Horns), but this is my first forum post. I just got The Three and two Gates. I would like to connect to "The Three" via Bluetooth to play music and have that stream to the "Gates" so it can be played throughout the house. I managed to get it so that if I play music on the Gate, I can stream to The Three, but not the other way around. Is this possible? I ask because my only Bluetooth receiver in the system is "The Three". I would think that since the Gate has inputs and outputs, it was designed for multi-purpose. Anyone have any ideas on how I can play BT connected music to The Three and have it send it to the "Gate"? Need more info or a diagram? I would be happy to oblige. :)
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