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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions - appreciate it! I am the second owner as they came with this old house! I am hoping a Chartwell fan buys them to enjoy them and own a little bit of engineering history. If they don't sell, I'll put them on a shelf with a small amp in a guest room as a conversation piece. fwiw, on ebay, there are two for sale - one in NJ for $3400 and one in UK for $3500. My pair is more like the UK pair although I don't have the original packing box or instructions. Again, thanks for the comments.
  2. Just want to add that these speakers are subject to prior sale and market conditions, eg, I'll try to update when they get sold, but there may be a delay. Someone asked for a photo of the innards, so,here it is -
  3. Currently have a 4 year old Denon s910w which is getting a bit flakey. I have two RP-600Ms, 1 RP-440c and R-10SWi - used mostly to play Spotify, internet radio and maybe the occasional CD Which amp/player should I get? Thanks
  4. Have unusual room so can easily mount them as fronts
  5. hi, been away, - price is $2400,(plus shipping etc) -immediately available, -any questions please let me know -if you have some RP speakers to swap, lets talk about that too
  6. I have a pair of these for sale, excellent condition, work great - these are the BBC monitors 15 Ohms with screw terminals. These are made by Chartwell Electro Acoustics and are NOT the re-issue ones. Just testing the waters to see how much interest these may generate. Last sale I saw of these was in October for $2,800. Please let me know if you're interested etc, these are in CT and will ship from here. Open to serious offers, hoping they go to a Chartwell fan! Thanks
  7. Brand new here, have a denon s910w which claims "... discrete circuit technology, the power amplifier provides identical quality for all 7-channels (125 Watts x 7-channels) ...". Currently have a klipsch r10swi for a sub, and two Boston Acoustic VR-M50, looking for a center, which one - R 450 or 500C? Open to other ideas too, thanks
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