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  1. Cory is the man!!!!!!!! Just placed the order today for my HT and now the waiting game 😎 Thank you all for your great advice and I ordered the following. Will share the pictures and my experience once all is Setup 😁 1. RF-7III Pair 2. RC-64III Center 3. RP-502s Surround (2 pair) 4. CDT-5800(2 Pair) 5. Marantz SR8012 6. Surgex SR-315 7. Dual PB-16 Ultra's Ali
  2. I called up Cory on last Friday by your recommendation and he is really a nice guy and his prices are the best. Thank you! Projector and screen is up. Old carpet is going and I am installing new floor this weekend. Going to call Cory up and place the order in the next couple of days. Thanks to you I figured out how to create links for photos and two of them are below :). Its happening Bud! https://photos.app.goo.gl/6a8thXA3QAag7TLk6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/WxmDmCJrWmtgrsseA Thank you bill for the welcome. I am really excited and cant wait to have my dream room ready. I am located in Fairfax, VA. Cory prices are really good so I am thinking about getting Marantz SR8012 over Denon due to the better build, better amp and more outputs. plus will add a 3-channel amplifier to drive my L-C-R R 7's later. Do you have any recommendation for a good 3-channel amp? as for the SUB, I know I cant afford PB16 Ultra's but going to pull the trigger on dual PB16 Ultra's as you live once....lol (mid life crises) I always felt my system had less bass all my life so going to change that this time :). What do you think, will these sub be enough for my 5700 Cubic feet room?
  3. Haha....when you are spending around 10-12K just on sound, you start doubting yourself. Specially when you want all of these pieces to come together and sound perfect to your ears. Long time ago when I was young, I used to hook up amps and subs in cars and I knew before hand how it will come out :). but never spend this money on a home theater system.
  4. Hello All New to the group but have been going through all discussions you guys are having about different setups. After listing to different brand speakers and setups, I love Klipsch sound and thats based on only able to listen to RP-8000F. However, i want to go all out one time and have the best theater Experience of my life. I want a 7.2.4 setup and decided to go with RF-7III's based on youthman and other's video reviews. Front R & L Speakers: RF-7III Center: RC-64III 4 Atom's In ceiling: CDT-5800-C II Surround: R-5800-W II Rear Surround: R-5800-W II Receiver: Denon AVRX 6500H Or Marantz SR8012 Room Size: Width 19.58, Length 25.16, Height 7.25 (Appox 5700 Cubic feet) Sitting position: 13 feet away from Screen & 12 feet behind Subwoofer: SVS or Klipsch Wife is fine with me spending the money but only condition for Surround or Rear surround to be in wall. I installed Epson 5040ub with Elite Aeon screen last week and we are loving the picture quality. I am a newbie at this as I am moving up from Bose 5.1. Need your expert opinion on the best Receiver and Dual Sub's, which will bring all this together in a way that I end up shedding a tear watching my first movie plus I want the bragging rights in my friend circle as they are all laughing at me for going this crazy. Our viewing is 75% movies, 20% TV watching and 5% listing to music. I want to thank you all in advance for helping me out with finalizing my Theater as i want to pull the trigger before i change my mind.....lol Ali
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