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  1. For what its worth I am running the NAD C368 with a pair of RP-600M and a R-100SW in a room of similar size with good results, The 2 speakers are in the corners about 60cm out from the wall and about 4 1/2 meters apart with the sub in a rear corner behind the listening position (which is a perfect triangle).It sounds fantastic in that set up however I did try them either side of entertainment cabinet about 6 feet (as above comment) and they sounded awesome as well,I found its moving and angling them in small movements to get the ideal set up.
  2. I bought a pair of these RP 600Ms 4 days ago and paired them up with a R-100SW along with a NAD C368, and all I can say is I haven't turned my television on once its like I am rediscovering my love for music all over again. (I had spent so many years in the Bose camp).I am letting the speakers settle in and experimenting with room/sub set up. it is just so nice to hear all the instruments and voices in all their glory.
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