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  1. It's not as heavy a cloth as it looks, and being proper "vintage" acoustic speaker cloth, it has minimal impact on sound. They are removable of course for listening, but should keep the little Fast Wheels cars out of the squawker horn and pokey fingers off the woofer coil cover.
  2. The acoustic speaker cloth for the "One Buttons" arrived this morning so I was able to cover the frames I'd made over the weekend. The cloth is actually made from a woven fibreglass which has been coated with something to facilitate cleaning. It's fire rated too, which I had to test of course Blow me down, a butane torch wouldn't even set it on fire! The Russian made brass badges look pretty good, so overall, we're very happy with the result. The next job is to make the risers... Sorry, having trouble with uploading a pic right now. The file size is too big for forum rules I'll sort it soon...
  3. Haha, the wooden shutters work really well and insulate quite nicely too, although the insulation isn't up to northern hemisphere requirements! "Down Under" need not be capitalised, but Australia does . Let me know when you come over, we are about 2 hrs drive north of SeedKnee.
  4. For the past few days, I've been listening to the Heresy's in bi-wire mode. I am hard pressed to notice a difference. There probably is a difference, but it's not as if I can easily tell because swapping between bi-wire and normal mode is not like flicking a switch. Some time elapses between the two modes as the swap is made.
  5. Quote: "cant really tell from your pic but is that a yamaha a-s2100? if so how do you like it hooked up to the h3s?" It's the Yamaha A-S1100, a really, really nice amp and it goes well with the rest of the 70's system. Well done to Yamaha for making it look so good! It has too much grunt for the HIIIs but it's very versatile and drives them beautifully. I almost always have it working in A class mode though. Like they say, the quality of the first watt is very important and the Yammie just drips quality across its entire power band. Most of the time, the HIIIs are drawing less than 1watt. It also has an awesome phono stage, which is one of the reasons we bought it. As yet, I haven't tried bi-wiring the HIII's to see if that makes any difference. Has anyone here done that? The A-S1100 specs and details are here if you're interested: https://au.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/4/421364/A-S1100_om_AB.pdf
  6. I look after my ears and never stuff anything into them except good music. Every forum has one. Are you THAT one?
  7. You need to learn some table manners. In the meantime you could try wearing a bib.
  8. While the H3 stack sounds very theatre-like and satisfying with plenty of bass punch, my choice would still be a pair of Cornwalls, although I have never heard a pair of Corns. Just going by what I've read about them. I was just experimenting here and having fun. One pair of the raw Heresy IIIs are not mine, but for a friend as the basis of his "new" system. Interestingly, two of the 4 HIIIs have sequential numbers. The other pair are about 2000 units apart from the first matched pair, and the last digits are 16 and 19, but the book matching of the grain is near identical and more figured. I guess being so close together on the production line, the veneers are still VERY similar. What is astounding to me is how similar the H1.5 and HIII are in sound. The top end is nicer in the 1.5s, but the IIIs have slightly more bass. The IIIs are fractionally louder due to the slightly higher efficiency. However, the differences between them are very small indeed, and I would not pay the $5000 price difference between what I paid for the 1.5s and what a new pair of IIIs cost here in Oz. The 1.5s (no acoustic foam) have been recapped with Dayton Audio PMPC 1% tolerance polypro caps.
  9. Just having a Heresy fest in the lounge room at the mo.
  10. I heard about this guy elsewhere on this forum and that he does a great job. You should be able to find him on eBay. He makes just about any replica badge. These particular ones were pre-made, but he does custom stuff too.
  11. Actually, they ARE double boxed. Upon examination of the carton, the box is double walled which I had missed due to me using a box cutter to slit the tape. They are well packed and if they survived the long haul to Australia after crisscrossing the USA first (the mysteries of the GSP), they will certainly survive anything. No manuals or warranty with these, but you can download the manual from Klipsch.
  12. The badges arrived today from Russia, really nicely made in brass with inlaid enamel and a lacquer protective finish. Well worth the money.
  13. Yeah, that was a little joke about keeping the driver coils cool as I'm playing them so much. Obviously these things are not airtight.
  14. They won't be double boxed like the ad says as the One Button's come sealed in the original Klipsch cartons which have the original styrofoam inserts. (Unless of course they have some without the original packing boxes?) 2 of the 4 I ordered have arrived in Aus, all safe and snug, in perfect condition. Hardly a mark on the cartons which is a credit to Fedex. We are really warming to the unfinished Ash which gives them a nice modern look and suits our house nicely. Just waiting for some sample swatches of speaker cloth to arrive before we make a choice. Also, unfinished Ash is super rare for these, so it makes sense to leave them alone I guess. We are selling one of the pairs at a considerable discount to the new price of Heresy's over here in Oz, so in effect, our pair works out to be free. Free Heresy IIIs, gotta love that Looking forward to 1.5 vs III shootout shortly!! Here is a pic of the crossover. (PS. I opened them up so I could fill the boxes with nitrogen)
  15. LOL, I was a bit slow on the uptake there! There are a few Mexican restaurants here in Oz, but not many, not like in California. No Chipotle thank goodness.My wife and I don't eat fast food of any description as we have been paleo for about 10 years. I looked up the Cilantro taste/aroma thing and it's genetic! https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cilantro-aversion-gene-study_n_1901124 A few coats of wiped-on blonde shellac is not really a finish as such. It just seals the wood so that dust and oil from hands don't discolour the wood over time. It also means that the surface can be wiped with a damp cloth, which you can't do (or rather, shouldn't do) if you leave it as bare wood. I like the natural wood look, so shellac is a good solution and I have the flakes on the shelf in my shed already as I used to restore old furniture. It's what we call a Claytons finish over here. The finish you have when you're not having a finish. This is the 80's ad that started the Claytons reference...
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