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  1. Vtwin

    WTB Klipsch Cornwall’s or LaScala’s

    Thanks for your replies . I am not going to look for any speakers. Four hour ride down south and everything going wrong on my side. Trying to delete my account no luck so far. My best bet is to buy a new set at a store near me. Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time Ed
  2. Vtwin

    WTB Klipsch Cornwall’s or LaScala’s

    I appreciate any help tracking these down. Being new here not sure how to track him down. I found a couple of pairs that are interesting but about 800 miles away . If I could find some B stock at a decent price that would be great. Thanks for your help.
  3. Vtwin

    WTB Klipsch Cornwall’s or LaScala’s

    Sorry new to this site still learning. Should of mentioned looking for 1 or 2’s would love the newer Cornwall 3’s but just outside my budget. Figured I could get the older models and upgrade them overtime. Thanks vtwin
  4. Looking to buy a pair of Klipsch Cornwall or Possibly a pair of LaScala’s speakers in good or better condition and good working condition. Putting together a 2 channel vintage system. I am located in Virginia and willing to drive about 400 miles to pick up. This system is for me so I will pay a reasonable price on a good pair of speakers
  5. Vtwin

    F/S 1986 LaScalas these are SOLD on 1/14/19

    wondering if the LaScala's r still for sale. They look beautiful. Would be vary interested in buying these for my home system. new to this site do not know how to navigate vary well. I am looking for the LaScala or the Cornwall's only. not sure how sellers can contact me. 540-494-7867