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  1. Great shape. Sounds great. Purchased from Saturday Audio in Chicago - they inspected/tested the amp and verified everything is in tip-top condition. For sale in Columbus Ohio. $600
  2. Will these work with my 86 Cornwall ii?
  3. Thanks man. I wouldn't pay $1500 either. You obviously saw them in person? Did you have a chance to hear them?
  4. Unfortunately it looks like I won't be able to convince the wife to run the khorns in our new house. Seems like the thread is split between Corn and Chorus. I'm slightly leaning towards the Chorus ii because of midrange horn. Here is the set nearby.
  5. Do u think the Sansui from my first post will power the Chorus ii good enoigh?
  6. Thanks for the info. Are you saying to not to go Khorns? About the amp and Chorus v. Corn - I’m willing to change amp in the future for the best sound. I wanted to start with the speakers first. So, if I’m hearing you right - your vote is start with Chorus ii and explore amp options???
  7. I waiting to hear back from the current owner. I have these pictures.
  8. I have vintage L100s with no grilles. They're in great shape and have great sound. A great pair of vintage JBLs.
  9. That's great news about my amp - I was concerned that it would too bright.
  10. Unfortunately the Cornwall iii's aren't an option bc of price. There's a nice pair of Khorns locally for $2400 that are in really nice shape but were a little out of my budget - maybe I should reconsider. How is the bass with the Khorns? I'm not overly concerned about filling the whole room with bass but I would like to have an even and bigger soundstage.
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