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  1. My Panny fz200 stolen from my luggage on AA 2 weeks ago I thought maybe I left it at home , when I returned I , it was no where around , realized it was taken from my checked in baggage at Sky Harbor in Phx Can't believe that happened to me
  2. bkwa1959 , I live 1.5 hours away , I am gonna drive down , maybe take my Heresy with me , Bill says we can hook 'em to anything they have . They even let you take home stuff for a week or so . At any rate , I hope to be patient enough , or ,might just buy a PL
  3. The LM 219ia is being renamed and is now in two pieces because of weight , Bill at Arizona Hifi tells me , the price is $500 more, it's at $8K now . I'd buy a used one in a heart beat , well , if it were priced right , like $5K . If the link works , they also have a LM219 for $5400 new , why so cheap , do not know https://www.google.com/search?q=line+magnetic+219ia+for+sale&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiM3uHdhZPkAhXEl54KHTxbDfcQ1TUIugE&biw=1408&bih=667#spd=2638507930553130493
  4. thanks y'all , I am thinking if I only hear one tube amp then I'll have nothing to compare , making no difference with what I end up with . I have read Huff's review , fun to read and makes me lean toward the LM 219 and the 518 , if there was one for sale locally i'd buy it , pre owned . but there's not .
  5. Thank you Morey, reviews read very nice on the Allnic amps. Preferably considering the 2 mentioned in thread title
  6. What would you choose , which one ? To power Forte 3 or Heresy 3 Maybe throw in a Carver 275 into the equation . The PL is about $2400 I believe The LM 518IA is about $4K I have narrowed it down to these 3 amps , unless someone adds one to the list , reading the forums makes me like these the best Thanks
  7. I was too young , 13 at the time , played the album many times , loved 10 years after , Richie Havens , Country Joe, Paul Butterfirld
  8. I will pay 5% more than Ryan from WA
  9. Kidd

    WTB. KG5.2s

    I have a pair in Sedona area , make an offer
  10. Yes , the picture is amazing , it's hard to imagine something could look so good , but it does
  11. RC 64 lll is what I purchased from Cory , I am spoiled !! Much better for voices , now I can hear dialog Anyone have ringing in your ears ?? I sure do . Does it interfere with music listening ? Because of the ringing , I am reconsidering whether I should more forward with spending more money on equipment , like a tube amp .
  12. I have not been enjoying mine too much cuzz I have been using an old AV yammy amp , need a Line Magnetic or Primaluna
  13. Silverton Co ? you are one of 10 living there ? Winters too ? I lived in Durango for 1.5 years , moved back to Flag , then to Sedona area in 1990
  14. I had a corolla in the mid 1980s with a r22 motor , loved that car , motor would not quit , the car was beat up brfore I got , not the motor . I now have a 2008 Lexus gx 470 with 130k miles and I love it even more , love the way it drives , every thing about . Love it so much I am looking for a 2010 to 2o13 Lexus gx 460, private sale , hopefully red . One for my wife and one for me
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