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  1. people will generally accept facts as truths only if the facts agree with what they already believe - Andy Rooney
  2. I am guessing they will write , "because it can "
  3. Thank you ! Maybe you have read sooooo many times about "break in" , it becomes real for you . Maybe it will become real for me too , if I read about it over and over and over , or , maybe there is some truth to it
  4. Okay , here 's what we need to do , get 2 pairs of Forte 3s , one with many hours and the other new and compare the sounds with the A&B switch Blind test I'm guessing no one will see/hear a difference
  5. Yeah , okay , got it πŸ™„ , lol I want to share , my 3 week old Fortes are toed out , 1 aimed at my wife and the other at me , for the time being
  6. you are asking the wrong person , little do i know , from reading info for answers to this very question , it's clear to me you just have to start trying this and that and make your owe way . I'd start with a tubed amp , why not ? That's what I am gonna do as soon as I get my new oled 65" mounted above the fortes , opening up room for a table for electronics , then I'll start wasting , I mean spending money on stuff
  7. I got a pair 3 weeks ago , replaced my Kg5.2 , much better and I was really worried they would not be much better , although , I did get an amazing deal and i can sell them for as much as I paid for them. What amp are you using ? I am using a 15 year old yamaha av something ss middle of the road amp
  8. Kidd

    ATI AT1802 NEW HUGE PRICE $575.00

    My dream girl , almost 😊
  9. Kidd

    ATI AT1802 NEW HUGE PRICE $575.00

    what makes it so incredible ? It does not have many connections . You mean cuzz it's powerful ?
  10. Kidd

    Bi-Amp on Klipsch Forte II's

    Maybe you could bring it to Sedona so I could listen here ? ☺️
  11. Alex, I am considering the same thing , I'll be spending more than $5oo , closer to $800 plus , maybe much more if I can sell it for just a little loss
  12. Kidd

    SS to Tubes and back switch

    well , then , please describe your idea of the difference in sound and what do you prefer , ss or tubes thanks
  13. Trip to Germany ? Lucky you , must be like going from Arizona to California
  14. Something like the A&B switch on a receiver for speakers. How 'bout a switch box thingy to go back and forth between SS amp and tube amp to hear the difference , what to use ??? Kidd
  15. There's a gent on the Steve Hoffman forum , stating he went back to his SS amp because he did not like the way the tube amp he bought sounded . Makes me think I need to try a much cheaper amp before I invest in something like a Primaluna , or , at least buy used so I can sell for the same price if it is not a noticeable enough upgraded sound . Would that not be terrible if I did not notice much difference . Anyone want to sell me a tube amp ??