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  1. I pay almost $1200 for me and my young wife and I'll be 64 in Jan , soon after , I'll be on medicare of some sort , I guess . SS will pay me $1400 a month if I retire at 64.5 , if I wait till 70 , I'll get $2k a month I'll check out cobra when that time comes
  2. best picture I have ever owned , had a 13 year old panny plasma
  3. why wait ? I mean , how much more down in price do you need it to go ? You're gonna wait another year , oh my , I paid $2k for my lg 65" last February
  4. I gave away my 50" plasma TV to my employee , maybe could of sold it for $50 , worked perfect News reported 65" TVs being sold for $275 TVs are dangerous , mind controling devices , brain washers , you all know this , right ?
  5. Kidd

    Family search

    Recently , I found out we have slave owners in our past from the mid 18oos , I am wondering if any of the children look similar to me , wondering if any relatives had any forced affairs 🙄
  6. Kidd

    Tug of War

    yes , i agree , he'll do anything to keep the spot light/attention on him. really , though , not a bad idea considering he needs to keep the attention on his developing business as sooo many others are getting into the EV business
  7. Kidd

    Tug of War

    ford should of thought of the weight difference before hand
  8. My 1300 sq ft home is 'bout $1200
  9. That's be funny if VW wasted their efforts on a bug looking EV
  10. I have driven a Tesla and it was very interesting and fun, I'll wait till more EVs come to market giving me more choices
  11. back in 1980, i was downing 150 pills a day , all vitamin type, following the book , life extension , did that for a couple of years . I used to mega dose brewers yeast and lecithin , too. Dieting has been my hobby , and , no , I am not fat , right now I weigh about 150 I'm soon to be 64 and just last month I received 2 stents in my heart , so , now I take 2 baby asprin , three times a week a statin and and something else to make blood not clot , also fish ols , and a couple of other things that are over the counter just for fun.
  12. Led looks plastic , too sharp , unreal , i never liked them , oled went beyond led and made life like picture i had plasma for 13 years and loved it , was the best technology 14 years ago , not any more
  13. not even close , and i was real worried the oled would not be much of an upgrade as the plasma was the best you could get back then. the oled is way ahead of plasma and led , we were just amazed by how good it is ,, we are still amazed Oled is a must purchase , because you are watching plasma , i can guarantee you too will be amazed I should of done it a few years ago, i didn't because of the cost , I waited for the price to come down
  14. a week before super bowl 2019 , i finally upgraded to a oled by lg from a panny plasma , well , the oled is amazing , 3d like quality. don't ask us , read reviews , it's a no brainer
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