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  1. where does one get stands like that?
  2. I can not imagine my 2008 Lexus Gx 470 being a standard , there would be no fun in driving it
  3. Kidd

    On line dating

    I met my wife online , she's from Russia , been here 10 years now
  4. My wife and I stopped eating salt for 1.5 years , every time we eat out at restaurants , that's all we tasted , salt ! We now ad salt to some foods but we are careful to not ad too much Our food supply is very addictive , by design of course , for profit . They do not care about our health . OTOH , if you have money vested in food companies , you should have the same vested in pharmaceuticals 😀
  5. I've been doing intermittent fasting , where I skip breakfast and lunch and eat dinner no sooner than 3pm , sometimes wait untill 5 pm to eat my first meal of the day Weekends , I'll eat breakfast but no lunch https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACYBGNSZl5L7mOSM24uDCEbOt1DJTpI3AQ%3A1570463490858&source=hp&ei=Al-bXaT-MYj5-wSVuI_wBQ&q=intermittent+fasting&oq=interm&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0l3j0i131l2j0l4j0i131.3336.9211..12123...0.0..0.134.766.0j6......0....1..gws-wiz.......35i39j0i67.Q-lHMmn_fWQ From August of last year to May of this year I was on the Keto diet , I loved that diet
  6. There are 2 pair of La Scalas on Az CL at this time , too.
  7. my problem is , I have 5 business phone numbers all forwarded to my personal cell flip phone , so , that's 6 numbers on one phone , all thoes numbers are in advertizing making me a massive target
  8. i get more calls from marketers than clients on some says , very disturbing when you drop what you're doing , run over to your phone , clean up your hands and answer in the hopes it's a new client . That was in the past , now it's different and I am much more guarded and most of the time I do not answer the phone I do wish the gun violence would find its way into the call centers , that's where it belongs .
  9. I need to add , before we purchased our SPs , I'd walk up behind people who were playing with their phones to see what they were doing , and I'll tell ya , Nothin.90 percent were just scrolling up and down , amazed at all the content on their phones , their phones serving no purpose , wasting time , waiting for what ever they were waiting for . Yes , a few were texting or reading news
  10. I use a 5 year old flip phone for 90% and a Pixel smart phone , yes , I have 2 . I love keeping some things seperate , anonymous for certain business . Hoping the new Pixel 4 will have 2 sim cards for 2 numbers
  11. It's all Chinese , the junk part is tricky
  12. I guess the answer is , yes, using this https://www.amazon.com/6-Port-Speaker-Selector-Amplifier-Switch/dp/B01G7SEQ7G
  13. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000NJHAFQ/ref=psdc_172546_t1_B004TBF90C Using something similar as above . I want to A/B the 2 amps , instead of speakers I think I remember someone on another forum stating he did this Wanted to get y'all take
  14. Okay so, I kept them 😊
  15. interesting you saw them before I did as I check CL daily .
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